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Engineering Supplies

APT have a vast range of approved Engineering Supplies to include solvent cleaners and citrus degreasers, surface preparation and coatings, PTFE, lubricating sprays, oils and spray grease. Our engineering and industrial supplies also includes water based cleaners, detergents and degreasers, electrical circuit board cleaner and fast dry solvents.

Engineering Supplies

When operating expensive machinery, it is important to ensure dirt and grease are not allowed to build up as they can affect not only the performance, but also its longevity.

Oil and grease attract dust and other airborne particles. This makes an effective grinding paste which can be transferred accidentally to moving parts. This increases wear and tear and can lead to increased maintenance costs and breakdowns.

Remove the dirt by using the correct degreasing fluid and you remove the problem.


Protecting Your Investment With Approved Engineering Supplies

Using APT degreasers, cleaning is a simple, fast and cost effective way to protect your investment in expensive machinery.

The experience of cleaning in a wide range of industrial environments, APT have developed an unsurpassable wealth of knowledge which has enabled us to fine tune our engineering supplies to include solvent cleaners and solvent degreasers. These meet the specific needs of the environment in which you operate.

You can choose from degreasing products including new citrus solvent degreaser and natural citrus degreaser, both designed for use in pressure washers, soak tanks, or by hand. In short, something for virtually every corner of your factory or workshop.


Surface Protection And Lubrication Products

Keeping surfaces clean and well lubricated after degreasing is an on-going battle, it can take staff away from their primary tasks and cause lost production.

Let us help you to select the best lubricant for your task, whether its a silicone lubricant or dry PTFE lubricant or a chain grease.

Using appropriate surface protection products will reduce re-soiling and your machinery will require less frequent degreasing. It will also be easier and quicker to clean thus reducing down time and maximising your productivity.

APT's Range Of Engineering And Maintenance Supplies Includes:

  • Solvent cleaners and citrus degreasers
  • Surface preparation and coatings
  • PTFE, lubricating sprays, oils and spray grease
  • Water based cleaners, detergents and degreasers
  • Electrical circuit board cleaner and fast dry solvents


Keep your company ahead of the competition by using APT’s approved engineering chemicals. Contact our experts or via email to discuss how we can meet your needs.