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Engineering Maintenance - Chemical Supplies

Engineering Maintenance Chemical Supplies 

APT are in the business of saving engineering companies time and money. If machinery breaks down, the effect on productivity is drastic and can be especially frustrating when it could have been avoided.

'Prevention is far better than cure' is the ethos we hold here at APT Commercial Chemicals . We believe that maintaining machinery in top condition is a lot better and more efficient then having to repair or replace it.

So what engineering maintenance products do you use? Do you require specialist degreasing fluid ,fast dry solvent cleaner ,cutting fluid or a lubricant spray . Are they top quality yet at a favourable price?  whatever your searcing for we are here to guide and show you how to get the best degreaser ,or slovent or parts washer cleaner for you process 

APT manufacture  and supply a range of engineering maintenance and industrial cleaning products to use within your food manufacturing premises, engineering works, factory, electrical assembly line, workshop, boatyard ... in fact for anyone who operates machinery.

Engineering maintenance products

Our fantastic range of engineering maintenance chemicals including Aqueous degreasers, solvent cleaners and lubricants are available to purchase directly via our online store.

These include industrial solvent degreasers, parts washer fluids, lubricating oils, antifoam and many more designed to either degrease, remove substances, protect or clean the equipment you use. 

  • Citrus Solvent degreaser - perfect for degreasing and the effective removal of glues and adhesive residues
  • Kagez 703 - quick drying safe solvent degreaser & cleaner
  • Microtec 41-80 - fast drying safe solvent cleaner
  • Release No. 1 - RTU penetrating & de-watering fluid
  • Belt mate - industrial belt dressing spray
  • Silicone lubricant and ptfe dry lubricant spray 

Quality engineering maintenance products

We are confident that you will not be disappointed with the results that our specialist engineering maintenance products provide. They are all manufactured to the highest possible specifications using the best materials available.

Our products are environmentally friendly making them more pleasant to use for your workforce and costing you less for specialist waste management systems.

If you have any questions about purchasing engineering maintenance products and new orange citrus degreaser from us, please call our team on 01495 308 048. We will be happy to assist you further and we look forward to talking to you.