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Cutting Fluid

Cutting Oil

If your business requires the use of machinery that you rely on to function on a daily basis then it's certainly advisable that you invest in a quality cutting fluid. We stock a wide range of workshop machine cutting oil and lubricating fluids for general and all specialist machining and metal working tasks

What is Cutting Fluid?

Specifically designed for machinery, cutting fluid (sometimes called soluble cutting oil) aids the functioning of your equipment by acting as a cooling and lubricating agent. Along with being known as cutting fluids they are also referred to within the industry as cutting oils, cutting compounds, metal working lubricating oils or simply as metal coolant or lubricant.

Depending on your requirements, cutting oils come in various forms and we have the following available:

  • Coolcut S. O. Soluble Cutting Fluid Oil
  • Semi -Semi Synthetic Cutting Agent Fluid
  • Grind Out Oil-Free Grinding Fluid
  • Koolube - Cutting Fluid and Lubricant
  • Koolube - Lubricating Cutting Fluid
  • Anti Spatter Spray
  • Plus much more!

 All of the cutting oils we sell have been researched and developed by a team of experts. You can rest assured that the products you are purchasing will deliver exactly as promised. If you see the APT logo then you know you can buy with confidence.

How To Order Your Cutting Oil

For your convenience you can easily order the cutting oils you require via our online shop. However, if you are unsure of the best cutting oils for your requirements then our team will be more than happy to help. You can call us on 01495 308 048 and we will be able to assist.