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Concrete Sealer

Are you looking for a product that could significantly reduce repair bills? Do you need to seal a concrete floor to reduce dust? APT concrete sealer is the best solution.

Who needs to buy APT concrete sealer?

Concrete becomes damaged due to wear and tear from the passage of feet and vehicles and because of the weather. It is porous so water can slowly seep in and when it freezes, expands. Even though concrete is a strong material, it cannot withstand this freeze-thaw action of cold weather. Even on interior surfaces this can happen, particularly where there is an external door that is often open during the winter months such as loading bay doors.

To prevent damage and improve the natural durability of concrete, you need to use a concrete sealer. Without a concrete sealant, you could be faced with annual repairs to all of your concrete surfaces, particularly those which are heavily trafficked and open to the elements.

But concrete needs sealing for other reasons - dust. On new concrete floors in buildings, whether a new canteen, warehouse, factory or kitchen, the pedestrian and vehicular traffic will cause dust. With a sealed floor, dust levels in your building will decrease, making a more pleasant and healthy working environment.

When should I seal my concrete floor?

The timing depends on the type of sealant being used but the quick answer is 'as soon as possible after it has cured'. The longer you leave it, the greater the likelihood of it being damaged or degraded. If you leave it too long, the passage of traffic will mean that it needs cleaning and degreasing prior to sealing. For concrete cleaning products, see our industrial degreasers section.

Economy without compromising quality

APT concrete sealing products are formulated to be the best on the market for the price. Cutting corners with cheap materials is never a good idea as it they never work as well and lead to greater repair bills in the long run. Investing your budget in quality products from APT will pay dividends - less time and money spent on repairs to concrete surfaces. Our concrete sealers protect from the inside out - they are absorbed into the concrete and will never peel or discolour.

For free, friendly help and advice on concrete floor care, talk to our team of experts on 01495 308048 or simply buy your top quality concrete sealant online now!