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Concrete Repair

Warehouse floor damaged by a dropped stillage? Frost damaged loading bay? Truck driver damaged a concrete wall? Potholes appearing in an access ramp?

It is almost inevitable that sooner or later you will need to send out your maintenance team to repair damaged concrete. What do they take with them? Concrete mixer, shovels and bricklayers trowels, barriers, bag of cement, bag of sand ... only to find there is no water!

With APT pre-mixed rapid setting concrete repair mortar, that is a thing of the past. The astute maintenance manager will already have the convenient tubs of this two-pack repair product in the store, enabling a rapid response with minimum disruption to the daily business routine.

With APT fast curing repair products, the repaired surface will be back in use in a matter of hours rather than the days required by traditional repair materials.

APT development chemists have improved upon traditional repair mortar, polymers and other additives provide you with a durable and permanent solution, saving you money and time with one-visit repairs. The additives also improve adherence and make it possible to apply thicker coats without sagging.

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