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Concrete Cleaner

Why do you want to clean your concrete floor? Is it to make sure that the moss and algae are removed so that your employees and visitors don't slip as they enter your premises? do you have a potential new client arriving and you want to present a great first impression? Are you about to have some marketing photos taken or are you just about to have the new warehouse floor painted?

APT concrete cleaning chemicals are not just for floors, they are all designed to be used on internal and external walls or even concrete planters and statues making them useful to a wide range of users from blue chip companies through highways agency and local authorities to health trusts and sole traders.

Concrete is nothing more than water, aggregate and cement. That being said, concrete is actually porous, and the dirt and grime collects in the surface pores. It is these pores that help algae and moss to grow too and it is the reason why unsealed concrete areas like car parks, loading bays and paths benefit from regular cleaning.

Whatever your needs, it is important that you get the right product for the job otherwise it could cost you thousands in repair bills and wasted time. You can choose from a wide range of products here at APT, concrete degreasers to clean up oil, fuel and other chemical spillages; tar, glue and chewing gum removers; acid based concrete cleaners to get rid of stains and ingrained dirt; moss and algae removal formulations that inhibit regrowth and so on.

We always follow the old saying that prevention is better than cure, regular maintenance using APT products will pay dividends in the long run. Call 01495 308048 now for free help and advice on concrete cleaning or buy your concrete renovation chemicals online now.

But if the job is too big for you, or you can't spare the staff to clean your concrete walls, floors or other items contact our sister company who carry out commercial exterior and interior cleaning for large and small businesses.