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Commercial Cleaning Products, Commercial Cleaning Supplies

We sell a huge range of commercial cleaning products to a wide variety of clients nationwide. When you buy your commercial cleaning supplies you want to know that you are buying a product that is safe, cleans in half the time, works effectively and as a bonus is environmentally friendly…when you buy from APT commercial cleaning supplies that’s exactly what you get. 
A little goes a long way and saves you £££££’s 
We have spent years researching and producing commercial cleaning chemicals, in fact over 25 years! Our commercial cleaning products are highly concentrated and engineered for the professional market.  You only have to use a very small amount and most of our products work out at just 0.03p per litre, now that’s what I call cost effective. 
Our team recognises the importance of providing top quality commercial cleaning supplies; with stringent legislation and the need clean effectively in less time, our commercial cleaning products are perfect for you and your organisation.
Commercial cleaning supply and a vast knowledge base…APT are making things easier for you
We know it’s not always easy to choose the right commercial cleaning products and sometimes it can be a bit confusing, that’s why we have specialists on the other end of the phone waiting to answer your questions no matter how complex or simple they may be…our job is to make your commercial cleaning easier.