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Citrus Solvent Degreaser

Solvent Citrus Degreaser

Removing tough unwanted residues from parts and materials such as heavy grease, tar, chewing gum and traces of adhesive will no longer be a problem if you choose from the APT range of citrus degreaser. The concentrated blend of citrus solvent and detergents ensures they clean surfaces such as paintwork, machinery, chains, plant and equipment, all metals, concrete quickly and effectively.


Citrus Degreasers improve working conditions

Citrus solvents are less volatile than conventional chlorinated hydrocarbons, acetone, white spirit etc. and they smell considerably better! Low volatile organic compound levels and high flashpoints mean that your staff will enjoy a safer and more pleasant working environment. A better environment means happier staff and greater productivity.


Save money with solvent cleaners

Controlled evaporation rates of APT solvent cleaners ensure that the product remains in contact with the target for longer so fewer re-applications will be needed. Solvent handling safety precautions are more straightforward requiring less complex equipment and protective clothing reducing your capital outlay.


Wide range of uses for degreasers

APT's solvent degreasers can be used in virtually any degreasing operation. They have a high flashpoint and therefore, you can use them in situations where other solvents would not be allowed.

The following is a list of just a few of the common uses:

• Remove protective wax coating from new components
• Remove tar from vehicles, paving and other hard surfaces
• Remove chewing gum from hard surfaces
• Used for parts cleaning including dip tank and ultrasonic cleaning

To order your citrus degreaser or to find out more about how switching to APT products will benefit your business, call us now on 01495 308048.