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Drain Unblocker

A blocked drain is not something that you want to have to deal with when you are busy. Not only do you need to spend time organising a plumber, you also risk a hefty fine from your local authority.


How to buy the best drain unblockers online

Let us help you choose the right chemical drain cleaner for you application with our wide experience, APT can help you to ensure that a blocked drain does not happen. But if it does, you can choose from our range of effective and fast acting industrial strength commercial drain unblocking chemicals. We have solvent free caustic based drain unblockers which change the fats and oils into soap and enzymatic drain unblocking chemicals (also solvent free) which break down virtually any blockage into smaller chemicals that can be simply washed away.

Drain cleaning maintenance

The key to avoiding a blocked drain in the first place is regular maintenance. You can choose from a range of products that will degrease and clean your drains and line the pipework with inhibitors that help to stop grease and other materials from sticking to the pipes in the first place. Less material sticking to the inside of drainage pipes equals less chance of a blockage. We are here to help you find the best drain unblockers , liquid drain cleaner and enzyme fat digesters .


Experience and quality

When you purchase any product from APT, you are buying into decades of experience in the cleaning industry. This means that things get done faster, more efficiently and safely. We guarantee that all materials purchased from APT are manufactured from the finest raw materials. You will benefit from some of the best drain cleaning and drain unblocking chemicals available.

Cutting corners on maintenance chemicals is never a good idea. You end up using more and ultimately that reflects on the efficiency of your maintenance team and hurts your budget.

We offer an unparalleled customer service that gives you access to our team of experts in the field of drains maintenance. You can talk to us at any time for free expert help and advice on any industrial or commercial cleaning issues.

So why delay, buy your drain unblocker online today or talk to our team of experts on 01495 308048 for further advice!