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Carpet Cleaning Solution

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Gum Remover

Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

Professional carpet cleaning companies choose herculean carpet and upholstery Cleaner for both commercial and residential carpets

Herculean is specially designed to deep clean and freshen most upholstery and carpets .It containes a high active bleand of low foaming ingrediants and surfactants to lift out stains leaving your carpets hygynically clean Now with New added deodorizer you know you have acheived the best carpet cleaner results even from those faided ,dull worn carpets 

The Special blend of high active ingredients ,emulsifiers, detergents, anti-soil agents, colour restorers and perfume simply freshens and deodorises carpets and fabrics free from stale or bad odours

Safe Low Ph ,Low foam ,non-rinse formula is fully biodegradable and phosphate-free

Used by many leading Professional carpet shampooer companies  

Herculean professional carpet cleaner solution is highly concentrated and contains no harsh ingredients. 


Herculean is a leading of brand carpet cleaning shampoo used in many commercial outlets throughout the UK. Many contract cleaners use our carpet shampoo to remove ground in dirt and grime quickly and easily.  


You can use our carpet cleaning solution through the spray extraction equipment clean water system. This carpet cleaner fluid can be used as a pre-spotter for breaking up grease and other heavy deposits prior to cleaning with a warm water extraction machine. 

Our carpet upholstery cleaner is suitable for use on most surfaces that can tolerate water. Widely used in hotels, clubs, public houses, local authorities, housing associations, nursing homes, residential homes, offices, car valeting, bus companies etc.


Buy your industrial carpet cleaners from our range of carpet cleaning products at APT-ICC. For expert advice pleaseemail or phone us on: 01495 308048.