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Magnaclean: All-In-One Kitchen Cleaner

In this week’s blog, we will be profiling Magnaclean; our all-in-one anti-bacterial surface cleaner and degreaser.

The cupboard under the sink is usually home to a household’s cleaning products. Sink cleaners, surface cleaners, oven cleaners, drain unblockers; all of these bottles and sprays can take up a lot of room in that little cupboard that is already cramped with the sink’s drainage pipe. But what if you could get rid of all of these and replace them with just one, simple product? You can if you buy Magnaclean.

Why worry about several different cleaning products when you can just have one?
Magnaclean is an all-in-one, anti-bacterial surface cleaner and degreaser, and is designed for kitchen cleaning. It is highly concentrated and cuts through stubborn, dried-on stains and food deposits easily and quickly, meaning less time spent bent over, scrubbing furiously with a scourer. It is odour-free, making it suitable for enclosed areas, and can even be used as a dishwasher cleaner. Also, because it is highly-concentrated, you can choose how powerful you want it to be by diluting it to suit your needs, whether it be a simple kitchen surface clean or a full, in-depth industrial kitchen clean. Magnaclean kills up to 99.99% of all known bacteria.
Magnaclean has been proven to work against the following materials:-
Grease, heavy grease and grime
Nicotine stains 
Food stains
Coffee stains
Ingrained dirt
Magnaclean cuts through ground-in stains with ease
Choosing Magnaclean means you won’t have to worry about finding and buying a cleaner for a specific job, or rummaging through your under-sink cupboard trying to find a certain product, as Magnaclean can do it all. If you are interested in our product, you can buy it from our website or from our Amazon store.
Ice Break: Professional Ice and Snow Remover

In this blog, we will be profiling our very popular and very effective ice removal and ice melting product, Ice Break.

‘Now is the winter of our discontent’. That’s how some of you might be feeling when the ice and snow hits again this winter. The country has been getting better in preparing for the weather we now seem to get regularly, with increased gritting and early warnings, but there’s only so much local councils can do to make sure you can get around easily and safely. If you live in an isolated area, away from the main roads, you’re usually just left to fend for yourself. And if you own a business that is located on an industrial estate or business park it ends up being your responsibility to clear the way for your workers to get in.

Imagine having the clear this yourself with rock salt?
(Image source - BBC News)
So how do you do this? You could get in early and break out the shovel to dig the snow out yourself, but try using that to chisel away at the compacted ice that will no doubt be underneath all that snow. You could use rock salt, a popular product for ice clearing, but this isn’t always that effective, and you’re still left with the remains of the ice/slush that have to be cleared. So what other option is there? Well, there’s Ice Break.
Ice Break is without a doubt the most effective way to remove hardened and thick ice. It works eight times faster than rock salt and covers twelve times the area. Rock salt lasts around four to five hours, whereas Ice Break lasts an incredible 48 hours, which also prevents the formation of new layers of ice. The 100% pure graded granulated pellets (Ice Break contains no fillers whatsoever) begin reacting and melting the ice upon contact and dissolve completely, meaning there is nothing to clean up afterwards, unlike other ice melting products.
Ice Break can be used wherever it is needed, including stairwells, ramps, pavements, loading bays and cold storage areas. It has been used and trusted for many years by organizations included the MOD, the NHS and the Royal Mint, as well as numerous local council organizations.
If you need more proof that Ice Break really works, click here to see a video of it going up against grit to see which is the best ice melting product (spoiler – it’s Ice Break). If you are interested in our other winter products, please visit our website at


Algae Free - Algae, Moss and Mould Remover

In this week’s blog, we will be looking at Algae Free; our all-in-one algae, moss and mould remover, and how it can help you this winter.

With winter coming, most people will be thinking about preparing themselves for snow and ice and planning how they intend to deal with these problems (if they’ve read our last blog, they’ll know Ice Break is the way to go). However, there is something else that can be even more damaging than snow and ice, especially to business properties, and is something not many people would even think about…algae.


Algae, moss and mould can be a maor problem, especially during the winter


You may be wondering how algae, as well as moss and mould, could be a problem during the winter. Nobody really thinks about plants being an issue during the cold winter months, as the majority of them die because of the weather. However, algae and moss doesn’t disappear during winter; it freezes. You still might not see this as a major issue, but if a large amount of algae and moss on the roof of a property (which is where it is often found) freezes, the weight of it can have a damaging effect on the roof of the building, to the point where the roof can even collapse because of the strain.

So now you’re starting to see why removing algae before winter comes is important, you’re going to need the right product to deal with it. Algae Free is that product. Algae Free removes algae, moss, mould and fungi from a wide range of surfaces, including stone, masonry, concrete and, of course, roofing. As well as removing the algae and moss, it also stops the growth of further algae and moss by killing the plant spores.

Algae Free is specially formulated to remove algae, moss and mould quickly and effectively


Algae Free isn’t just effective at removing algae and moss in preparation for winter. It can be used all year round and is so eco-friendly that it won’t effect or damage any other plants in the surrounding area (when diluted). 

If you are interested in buying Algae Free, please click here to go to our product website or here to buy it from our Amazon store.



Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

An effective heavy duty hand cleaner is often required in engineering, transport and public service industries. Dirt, ink, paint and offensive odours can be difficult and time-consuming to remove, which is why it is cost-effective to buy a quality industrial hand cleaner.

Purchasing a Hand Cleaner - Factors to Consider

A factor to consider when purchasing a hand cleaner is how the product will be used. In the food industry, for example, a single employee may wash their hands dozens of times per day, and in the paint industry a worker may need to rigorously wash their hands for an extended period of time. An effective but gentle hand cleaner is therefore desirable. Citra Bead Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is an example of an industrial hand cleaner which is excellent for cleaning, whilst also protecting the hands at the same time. It is solvent free, PH neutral and contains added skin conditioners - all of which help to protect the skin from damage. Additionally, the use of polymer beads ensures a strong cleaning action. 

Buy Citra Bead Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner at APT Cleaning Supplies by visiting their website -

Benefits of Aluminium Cleaning Products

When you notice aluminium components and surfaces becoming greasy or oily, you may be tempted to reach for any cleaning product that you have handy. However, conventional caustic cleaners can easily damage aluminium, and it is therefore essential to purchase specialist aluminium cleaning products. Cleaning with a non-caustic aluminium cleaning solution will offer a number of benefits –


  • Cleans and degreases
  • Removes carbon and oil deposits
  • Suitable for engineering and food industries
  • Unlike caustic cleaners, it does not damage components

Metasoak Aluminium Cleaner and Aqueous Degreaser

Metasoak Aluminium Cleaner and Aqueous Degreaser is an ideal non-caustic cleaning product to choose. It is suitable for use on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, but has been specifically designed as an effective aluminium cleaner! In addition to the benefits listed above, this aluminium cleaner is low foaming and rapidly biodegradable. This versatile cleaning solution is ideal for cleaning operations including parts cleaning, removing waxes, pre-treating metal ready for new coatings, cold or hot dip tank cleaning, machine spray wash and ultrasonic cleaning.

APT Cleaning Supplies stocks this Metasoak Aluminium Cleaner, along with numerous other suitable aluminium cleaning products. Find out more by visiting or by calling 01495 308048.

Aluminium Cleaning Products

Aluminium is a brilliant metal and is one with a wide variety of potential uses including both commercial and industrial applications. If you have an aluminium surface or component, which has become dirty, greasy or carbonised, it's easy to make the mistake of reaching for just any standard cleaning product. However, the wrong type of cleaning supplies can easily damage aluminium. You should be especially aware of using caustic based cleaners, which can cause aluminium to degrade and become permanently damaged. For sensitive components, surfaces and highly visual finishes, as in exterior and interior building cladding these undesirable markings go on to fail, degrade and potentially cause equipment to malfunction or even break entirely! The solution to this is to only use specialist aluminium cleaning products.

Using a specialist-cleaning product will clean and degrease, remove carbon build up and oil deposits and is suitable for both engineering and food industry applications. UK-based APT Cleaning Supplies are able to supply a specialist aluminium-cleaning product called Metasoak. 

Metasoak has many benefits including:

 - Low-foam formula
 - Able to remove the toughest carbon and oil deposits
 - Perfect as a parts washer fluid
 - Environmentally friendly with rapid bio-degradable qualities

You can call APT Cleaning Supplies on 01495 308048, or alternatively, you can visit the website at

Aluminium Cleaner and Brightener

Aluminium work-surfaces and equipment surfaces, such as cookers, hoods and filters, look fantastic when first fitted. However, whilst it does have very good resistance to staining and other markings, aluminium isn't immune to the tolls of time. Many business-owners will clean their aluminium work-surfaces and machinery with standard cleaning products, but just like all premium materials, aluminium needs to have special care taken to keep it looking its best.

If you own a commercial kitchen or you operate a professional cleaning service, you'll definitely require an effective and good value cleaning solution! Metasoak is one such product that is able to achieve the kind of results you need and has many benefits over just using a generic cleaner. Metasoak is:

  • A versatile and non-caustic de-greaser and de-carboniser

  • Designed for use in the engineering and food industries

  • Made with a low foam formula for maximum cleaning and de-greasing

  • Able to remove the toughest grease and oil deposits

  • Environmentally friendly and rapidly bio-degradable

APT Cleaning Supplies are able to supply Metasoak and a whole range of other cleaning equipment and supplies. You can find out more about APT Cleaning Supplies by calling 01495 308048 or by visiting the website at

Add Water Industrial Cleaners

Industrial cleaning often necessitates the use of large volumes of chemicals. Sourcing cleaning supplies required on an industrial scale can prove to be very expensive, especially if a company is inadvertently investing in diluted chemicals. Paying for an already-diluted cleaning product means that you will have to buy more and also find extra storage space.

Highly concentrated add water industrial cleaners are ideal for tough cleaning in the industrial sector. This is because highly concentrated chemicals allow you to dilute to a concentration suited for a particular purpose. Additionally you will not need to buy cleaning supplies as often, or in such large quantities.

Save Time and Money with Highly Concentrated Cleaning Supplies

APT Cleaning Supplies have a range of industrial cleaning chemicals, which are highly concentrated and multi-purpose. By buying a highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaner, you can save money, time and storage space. APT Cleaning Supplies have numerous add water industrial cleaners, including floor cleaners, metal cleaners and aluminium cleaners. Find out more about their range of products by visiting the website -

Strong De-icer

During the winter months iced over windscreens can become a significant problem for companies with a fleet of vehicles. With the majority of bus companies, haulage companies, van delivery fleets and highway agencies beginning work in the early hours, removing ice can become a common and time-consuming issue. Utilising a strong de-icer, which contains chemicals to prevent re-freezing, is a timesaving and cost-effective solution.

Thaw-Out Professional De-Icer 

Comprising of a solvent based, water-free formula, this de-icer is ideal for use on windscreens. Capable of removing thick ice at sub-zero temperatures, this de-icer is available as a spray or in a handy, easy-to-use aerosol can or trigger pack. The smear-free formula is highly concentrated, which means that a little goes a long way. These economical benefits of this strong de-icer make it the number one choice for large companies.

Buy Thaw-Out Professional Strong De-Icer at APT Cleaning Supplies

Thaw Out Professional De-Icer is available at APT Cleaning Supplies, stockists of commercial, janitorial and industrial cleaning products and equipment. Find out more by visiting the website -

Industrial Solvent Cleaners

Removing dirt, grease and oil is necessary on a large scale in industrial sectors such as engineering, transport and manufacturing. Solvent cleaners effectively dissolve tough dirt and grease, making the removal of these deposits quick and easy. 

There are numerous safe and effective solvent cleaners to choose from, an example of which is Citrus RTU. Citrus RTU is a solvent degreaser and glue remover that is extensively used in the transport and engineering sector. Ideal for cleaning machinery, vehicles, gearboxes and workshop floors, this degreaser penetrates and dissolves heavy grease and dirt. Many companies show concern that solvent cleaners are unsafe, however Citrus RTU is free from hazardous solvents and is a safe, eco-friendly alternative to other solvent-based cleaners on the market. 

Industrial Solvent Cleaners from APT Cleaning Supplies

APT Cleaning Supplies stocks Citrus RTU, along with other popular solvent cleaners such as Kagez 703 and Microtec 41-80. If you require the tough cleaning power of industrial solvent cleaners then take a look at the APT Cleaning Supplies website for their full range of products -