The Top 4 Benefits of Purchasing Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

The Top 4 Benefits of Purchasing Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

There is often be a big debate in any industry about whether it is better to buy wholesale, off the shelf in a smaller shop or through a specialist company. In terms of our own industry things are no different and we’d like to put our thoughts across about the decision to buy either industrial cleaning chemicals or on the shelf janitorial products.

Here are four reasons why you’d be better off heading directly to APT Chemicals to purchase your cleaning products.

1.       Product Knowledge & Advice

This is probably the biggest reason you should buy commercial and industrial cleaning chemicals as opposed to on the shelf products. With APT chemicals we have years of experience in myriad cleaning products, their strengths and the best way to use each individually. No matter what situation you find yourself in, we’ve probably seen it and dealt with it at some point. And no doubt you’ll find the perfect cleaning solution to your question in our online store. It also means that you have the knowledge that we trust in the product and its effectiveness, something that cannot be overstated. Should you have any questions for our team, we’re also always happy to answer any questions, offer guidance and advice on specific products.

2.       Cost Effectiveness

We know that you can walk into any store and find a cleaning product for a relatively cheap price. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives but there comes a time when you want a certain level of guarantee with your spending. Purchasing industrial and commercial cleaning chemicals directly through APT ensures that you’re buying a product that will work. We have a range of specific products and our knowledge and advice will have helped you choose the correct product. Add that to the quality of the product itself and you’ll have purchased cleaning chemicals that are proven to be effective and will therefore last you a lot longer than an on the shelf product. The inexpensive product might have to be used a number of times before having the desired impact and you’ll probably have to buy it more frequently over time.

3.       Fast Turnaround of Products When You Need it Most

Sometimes a big cleaning task comes along that you just weren’t expecting. If you need to be quick and effective it can be too easy to just go to the local retailers and pick up some cleaning chemicals off the shelf. As discussed in the previous point, this could well be folly for your long term finances. Purchasing commercial and industrial cleaning products through APT guarantees you one thing if nothing else, we’ll definitely have the right product for your situation. What this means is that you’ll be able to find what you need straight away through our online store. If you go to a local shop they might have a general, wishy-washy cleaning product but this might not cut it for your urgent task at hand. Our anti-graffiti and graffiti removal products are a prime example of this. Why waste your time and energy buying a general product that won’t 100% perform the task you’re asking of it.

4.       High Quality Products

Why would you waste your money on a substandard product?

We could leave it just at that really couldn’t we? APT Chemicals has the experience of the industry to understand and appreciate what you need. Our products are only of the highest quality as we don’t see any point in selling products that might not be up to scratch. We have also developed a range of products that cater for a wide array of different circumstances and cleaning solutions. Your job isn’t a straightforward one sometimes and we understand that you might need a specialist cleaning chemical.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about assisting you in finding the cleaning solutions for you, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help.

Heavy Duty Degreasers – A Quick Guide to APTs Promise


Heavy Duty Degreasers – A Quick Guide to APTs Promise

Heavy duty cleaning fluid used to attack and dissolve all types of tough grease, petrol and food oils from hard, water-washable surfaces.

Water based degreasing cleaning fluids are ideal to use on any surface in an industrial setting that is full of oil based lubricants. It can be difficult to ensure a genuinely clean environment when such heavy duty grease is at play. There are many different types of surfaces that can become clogged with oils in the workplace, but APT have developed heavy duty degreasers that will cut through any situation and find the right cleaning solution for the task at hand.

You could be working in the automotive industry, aerospace or food production, the chances are you’ll be used to struggling to clean appliances and surfaces after a day of oils and grease covering up the workspaces. A cleaning solvent that works hard on grease is essential and APT can provide you with the product you need to make a real difference to the effectiveness of your cleaning tasks.

Saves you Time and Energy

Our heavy duty degreasers are so powerful that it won’t always feel like hard work to clean and treat an affected area. There’s nothing worse than struggling to get rid of a greasy surface or to make it even an acceptable level of clean. With our heavy duty degreasers you’ll be wondering how you’ve gone without when you see the finish that is left behind.

Saves Money

Concentrated heavy duty degreasers that are right for your specific requirements will save your company a lot of money in the long run. Not only does buying in bulk from an industrial cleaning chemical supplier ensure that you’ve always got the right supply at a cost effective rate, it also means that you won’t be potentially damaging surfaces by using the wrong type of degreaser.

Makes Surfaces Good as New

It doesn’t matter which industry you work in or what your working environment looks like. At the end of every working day you have to get rid of the grease and oils that could end up clogging up machinery and workspaces if you let them. His can be damaging to productivity and the effectiveness of machinery if left untreated. Heavy duty degreasers cut through the grease leaving behind that shiny surface that you might remember from the first day the workplace opened.

At APT we pride ourselves on providing you with intelligent cleaning solutions no matter which industry you are in and what your specific cleaning task involves. Our products have been thoroughly researched and developed using only the highest quality tools at hand, and you won’t find a better water based degreaser on the marketplace than with us.

 In industrial working environments surfaces can become thick with oil and grease and it is important to find the right heavy duty degreaser for your specific requirements. If you have a question for a member of our team we are more than happy to help you figure out which of our degreasers is best for you. Our customer service is a priority as much as the level of development and research that goes into each product that you can find in our heavy duty degreasers section.

Antibacterial Cleaners – Why You Should Use an Industrial Scale Supplier


Antibacterial Cleaners – Why You Should Use an Industrial Scale Supplier

Although you can buy antibacterial cleaners quite easily over the counter for use at home, when it comes to larger scale and more sensitive premises, such as hospitals, schools, kitchens and public institutions it is wise to buy from industrial and commercial specialists.

What you can guarantee with industrial cleaning suppliers is that the quality of the product is very high. You would never query the quality and when it comes to antibacterial cleaning chemicals you want to be sure that what you’re using isn’t going to leave even a chance of something important and nasty being left behind.

Another aspect to consider is the cost effectiveness of buying with commercial cleaning in mind. If you are looking for a specific antibacterial cleaner (such as our very own Hi-Drocleanse for example) you’ll be able to find it when you need it, and in bulk. This works on two levels, you’ll never have to risk using a more general cleaner purchased in store, and your supplies will last for a lot longer keeping your costs down in the long run.

So where would you most likely need to use antibacterial cleaners on a regular basis?


The most obvious place to begin with. It goes without saying that a hospital has to be clean – as a patient you would expect it to be the cleanest place you can find as immune systems are weak and susceptible to bacteria causing harm. Antibacterial cleaning is required for patients’ rooms, hospital beds, examination rooms and surgical theatres. Not only that but most visitors will be required to clean their hands before entering (our germ free antibacterial hand gel is perfect for this).


Where sick pets have been lying on an examination table it is good practice to use antibacterial cleaners to prevent harmful bacteria from transferring from one pet to the next, especially in a busy veterinarian practice.  Without antibacterial cleaning you are putting not only the animals at risk but also their owners and the people they live with after taking their pet home.

Kitchen Areas

In a kitchen there are many things happening at once. There are fresh and uncooked foods being delivered, food being cooked and prepared and people coming in and out at all times. A busy kitchen can be a nightmare to keep clean and can get very greasy and dirty. It is therefore essential that whoever is responsible for cleaning it has the right products available to them. Our Ultraclean MB Antibacterial kitchen degreaser kills 99.999% of bacteria, meaning that no harm will come to food being produced and those eating it.


Children in schools can sometimes get a bit grubby, especially the younger ones. They play hard and work hard, leaving scuff marks on tables and floor surfaces, bringing in mud and dirt from outside and wiping their noses on anything in sight (that’s a generalisation of course but you get the idea). As well as in the classroom and the bathroom a school canteen area can quickly become full of bacteria and caked on foodstuff. Our antibacterial washing up liquid is great to rid any surface of worn in food and stains.

At APT Chemicals we are specialists in commercial and industrial cleaning chemicals. If you have any questions regarding antibacterial cleaners we have a dedicated section to our website  , with products for sale. We are keen to pass on our knowledge and guidance, believing this to be just as important as the quality of the products themselves. If you would like to speak to a member of our team we are always happy to help. 

Industrial Degreasers - Ensuring Quality in Manufacturing

Taster: Many manufacturing and re-manufacturing processes require the use of petroleum products. If the are in the wrong place, quality can suffer. To ensure that your products are of the best possible quality, using an industrial degreaser is essential.

During manufacturing processes, oils and greases are often used. If these are not thoroughly removed from the work piece, they can interfere with subsequent operations, weakening bonds between surface coatings or joints. Industrial degreasers are therefore a crucial element of your production. If you select the wrong one, or one that does not work consistently well, your company's reputation for quality could well be on the line.

Choosing a degreaser

There are two main families of industrial degreaser, solvent based and aqueous i.e water based. Solvent based degreasers are frequently used in the electronics and automotive industries whilst aqueous based products are commonly used for degreasing metals prior to coating and for cleaning machinery and heavy equipment. APT offer you a range of surface cleansers, covering virtually all manufacturing areas.

The electronics industry

Soldering fluxes are petroleum based. Despite that, the slightest traces of oil or grease on the surfaces to be joined can impair the effectiveness of the bond, leaving it weaker than expected with the potential for premature failure.

After soldering, all traces of the flux need to be removed in order to avoid corrosion issues.

Solvent based industrial degreasers, for example Lec 3, Kagez 703 and Microtec 41-80 from APT, are formulated to remove all traces of contaminants and flux thus ensuring that your product will meet your quality control standards, however stringent. They are chlorine free and evaporate quickly and completely leaving no surface residue.

Surface coating

Whether your company produces painted panels, anodised aluminium parts or plastic coated items, you need to ensure that thorough cleaning takes place prior to the finishing processes. Inefficient removal of manufacturing oils, greases and other surface contamination will lead to poor coating adherence.

Water based industrial degreasers such as UltraMax OPT, Industrial Metal Cleaner are the perfect solution for filling your dip tank or ultrasonic bath.

We appreciate that the needs of anodised aluminium producers are very specific. Traditionally, you will have used caustic products, however, APT produce a non-caustic alkaline cleaner, Metasoak HDI. This powerful product degreases aluminium thoroughly, leaving your aluminium parts ready for etching prior to the final anodising process.


Parts for re-manufacturing will almost inevitably arrive in a dirty state. Much of this contamination is likely to be bound in oil or grease and can be removed using solvent or aqueous based degreasing products. For small parts re-manufacturers, a citrus based solvent degreaser like Citrus RTU in a parts cleaner proves a cost effective and efficient solution.

Parts that have been subjected to high temperature use such as engines and engine parts can also have heavily carbonised areas. APT's Carb Clean solvent based degreaser has been specially formulated to remove this tough coating.

In conclusion

Removal of surface contamination is an integral part of any manufacturing process. If you compromise on this important step, your customer complaints department will probably find itself increasingly busy!

Choose the right industrial degreaser to ensure that your manufacturing quality standards are maintained. APT do not compromise on quality of raw materials thus giving you the confidence and peace of mind that this link in the manufacturing chain will not let you down.

Considerations for choosing the best Solvent Cleaner and Degreaser

Most manufacturing companies evaluate the many potential solvent cleaners and degreasers based on two very common factors: performance and cost.  Although these are very important considerations, there are several other aspects and differences that should be taken into account when selecting your final brand.  

EPA Regulations

Even if you are not particularly interested in “green” technologies, you should always be aware of the EPA’s stance on the types of chemicals that are legally allowed to be contained within your solvent cleaners and degreasers. There is a growing national concern regarding environment awareness, and the EPA is following suit by banning or prohibiting the use of several types of hazardous chemicals contained within these substances. As the regulations continue to tighten, be wary of buying brand names that may soon be obsolete. You may end up with a huge stockpile of solvents that you can never use.

Age of the Machinery and Individual Parts

Solvent cleaners and degreasers are not only tough on dirt and grime, they can also be very harsh on the individual pieces and parts of your manufacturing machinery. Some brand names can speed up the oxidation process, cause increased amounts of rust and corrosion, and perhaps even leave large water spots that can hamper the smooth running interaction between individual parts and mechanisms. “Cheaper” is not always “better”. Look for products that have limited threats of oxidation, corrosion, and water spots.

Pricing based on Petroleum

Be aware that some of your solvent cleaners and degreasers may contain certain types of petroleum distillates. Petroleum is basically a fancy word for “oil”, and oil prices can drastically fluctuate. By choosing a company brand that is constantly increasing its solvent pricing with every price increase of petroleum, you may begin to witness a rollercoaster effect when it comes to your corporate maintenance budget. Choosing a biodegradable option or one that is non-petroleum based will keep your expenses more uniform. Even better, you can save more money in the excessive disposal fees associated with the waste products of petroleum products.

Supplier Stability

When you consider the above listed three additional considerations, you can begin to see how some suppliers of environmentally questionable solvent cleaners and degreasers can be somewhat unstable. As the EPA guidelines and protocol continue to become more rigid and inflexible, these other company brands will begin to experience a severe decrease in profits. This means that their products will either increase in price considerably or disappear altogether. Look for a company that is already offering environmentally safe and bio-degradable solutions. These will be the ones who will be remaining in business for the long term and who’s pricing will be much more stable and dependable.

Of course there are many other considerations, such as higher flash points or lower VOC’s, but choosing the perfect types of solvent cleaners and degreasers for your very expensive manufacturing machinery is not an issue that should be taken lightly. When reviewing your many options, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call the sales representative of the solvent supplier. Many of your concerns can be put to rest very easily.

Graffiti Removal Products

In this blog, we will be showing you some of the products from our range of graffiti removal products, following on from the how-to guide from our sister site’s own blog.

Graffiti can be a major problem in many areas. It’s unsightly, ruins the look of many old buildings and can encourage more anti-social behaviour if left untreated. Whilst APT-ICC also provide commercial cleaning services, including graffiti removal (see our cleaning services site), it isn’t always practical to call out a professional team, especially if the area affected is quite small.
That’s why we sell a wide range of graffiti removal products that give you the edge you need to remove graffiti yourself. Our sister site’s blog gave you a step-by-step guide on how to prevent graffiti with the Anti-Graffiti Paint, but this post will give you a briefing of some of our other products, starting with…

1. Graffiti Wipeout Liquid

So someone has sprayed some graffiti on your garden wall, or the side of your house. It’s not too bad, but it’s still graffiti and it’s still an eyesore on your home. All you need is a simple coat of Wipeout Liquid to, well, wipeout the graffiti. The high-strength liquid formula quickly penetrates the paint, meaning one coat is all you need. It has a low odour and is environmentally friendly, making it safe and suitable for enclosed areas. 
Wipeout Liquid isn’t just good for personal home use. It is ideal to use on transport vehicles, signs, bus shelters and roadway structures, and is used by the Swetra Highways Agency.

2. Ghost Buster Graffiti Remover

Who ya gonna call? Unfortunately, this won’t help Ray, Peter, Egon and Winston beat paranormal entities, but it will help you bust the ‘ghosts’ left by graffiti, as in the shadowy outlines and marks left after it has been removed. This is often the hardest part of graffiti removal and usually requires heavy cleaning with harsh, sometimes damaging, methods, but Ghost Buster makes this process easy with its specially-formulated solution that dissolves and cuts through these stubborn marks with ease. 

3. Graffiti Wipes

Not all graffiti is a giant mass of colours, names and gang signs made with spray paints done over a period of time. Sometimes it can just be some kid with a marker pen scribbling some childish smut, or someone spraying a smiley face on a statue. In these cases, the best course of action is to just wipe it off. However, this can’t be done with just any supermarket surface wipes. What you need are Graffiti Wipes. These are specially formulated to rapidly break down and remove a whole range of things, including ink, paints, dyes, glue, wax, crayons and marker pens. They work on a variety of surfaces, such as metal, glass and tiles, and come in a small, portable container, making them perfect of quick graffiti removal jobs, such as ones that occur in the classroom, the train carriage and the office.
To see just how well it works, take a look at the before and after shots of this statue.
For the full range of graffiti removal/treatment products, please go to our 'Home' page and click the 'Graffiti Removal' link on the left-hand side column.
Commercial Cleaners Vacancies

We have opportunities for Commercial Cleaners to join our company

We are currently looking for Commercial Cleaners to join us at our headquarters in Crown Business Park, Tredegar (Gwent, Wales). The candidate will ideally have an understanding and experience of site work.

Job Title – Commercial Cleaner

Salary – 6.50 an hour (Temporary contract) 
Start Date – October 2013
Job Description – 
Duties include carrying out specialised cleaning, jetting, industrial cleaning, planned maintenance, deep cleaning, factory cleaning, high level cleaning and any other associated duties as required. Training will be provided as specialist equipment and methods will be used. You will be required to assist the site supervisor and you will be aware at all times of health and safety on site. 
Applicant will be required to work throughout the UK and will hold a valid, clean driving license, although the majority of the work is in South Wales. Applicant must be fully flexible as work hours will vary.
The ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic, be reliable and able to undertake duties of a physical nature. You will be able to think on your feet and have an eye for precision. You will be customer focused, have the ability to converse on all levels and be presentable at all times. You must be trustworthy, highly focused in your work and dedicated to the task in hand. You must also be comfortable with heights, as some jobs would involve working with cherry pickers and scissor lifts to access high areas.
The following qualifications would be advantage to your application: Previous work in this type of industry. CSCS card IPAF Operator Training Certificate, PASMA Certificate in Tower construction, Fork Lift Driving License and Asbestos Awareness, First Aid Certificate      
To apply for this position, please email us a copy of your CV, along with a cover letter explaining why you feel you are right for this role, to (please write ‘Commercial Cleaner Job Application’ clearly in the email subject line).
Good luck with your applications and we at APT-ICC are looking forward to welcoming one of you to the team.
Magnaclean: All-In-One Kitchen Cleaner

In this week’s blog, we will be profiling Magnaclean; our all-in-one anti-bacterial surface cleaner and degreaser.

The cupboard under the sink is usually home to a household’s cleaning products. Sink cleaners, surface cleaners, oven cleaners, drain unblockers; all of these bottles and sprays can take up a lot of room in that little cupboard that is already cramped with the sink’s drainage pipe. But what if you could get rid of all of these and replace them with just one, simple product? You can if you buy Magnaclean.

Why worry about several different cleaning products when you can just have one?
Magnaclean is an all-in-one, anti-bacterial surface cleaner and degreaser, and is designed for kitchen cleaning. It is highly concentrated and cuts through stubborn, dried-on stains and food deposits easily and quickly, meaning less time spent bent over, scrubbing furiously with a scourer. It is odour-free, making it suitable for enclosed areas, and can even be used as a dishwasher cleaner. Also, because it is highly-concentrated, you can choose how powerful you want it to be by diluting it to suit your needs, whether it be a simple kitchen surface clean or a full, in-depth industrial kitchen clean. Magnaclean kills up to 99.99% of all known bacteria, including MRSA, salmonella and E.coli. 
Magnaclean has been proven to work against the following materials:-
Grease, heavy grease and grime
Nicotine stains 
Food stains
Coffee stains
Ingrained dirt
Magnaclean cuts through ground-in stains with ease
Choosing Magnaclean means you won’t have to worry about finding and buying a cleaner for a specific job, or rummaging through your under-sink cupboard trying to find a certain product, as Magnaclean can do it all. If you are interested in our product, you can buy it from our website or from our Amazon store.
Ice Break: Professional Ice and Snow Remover

In this blog, we will be profiling our very popular and very effective ice removal and ice melting product, Ice Break.

‘Now is the winter of our discontent’. That’s how some of you might be feeling when the ice and snow hits again this winter. The country has been getting better in preparing for the weather we now seem to get regularly, with increased gritting and early warnings, but there’s only so much local councils can do to make sure you can get around easily and safely. If you live in an isolated area, away from the main roads, you’re usually just left to fend for yourself. And if you own a business that is located on an industrial estate or business park it ends up being your responsibility to clear the way for your workers to get in.

Imagine having the clear this yourself with rock salt?
(Image source - BBC News)
So how do you do this? You could get in early and break out the shovel to dig the snow out yourself, but try using that to chisel away at the compacted ice that will no doubt be underneath all that snow. You could use rock salt, a popular product for ice clearing, but this isn’t always that effective, and you’re still left with the remains of the ice/slush that have to be cleared. So what other option is there? Well, there’s Ice Break.
Ice Break is without a doubt the most effective way to remove hardened and thick ice. It works eight times faster than rock salt and covers twelve times the area. Rock salt lasts around four to five hours, whereas Ice Break lasts an incredible 48 hours, which also prevents the formation of new layers of ice. The 100% pure graded granulated pellets (Ice Break contains no fillers whatsoever) begin reacting and melting the ice upon contact and dissolve completely, meaning there is nothing to clean up afterwards, unlike other ice melting products. 
Ice Break can be used wherever it is needed, including stairwells, ramps, pavements, loading bays and cold storage areas. It has been used and trusted for many years by organizations included the MOD, the NHS and the Royal Mint, as well as numerous local council organizations. 
If you need more proof that Ice Break really works, click here to see a video of it going up against grit to see which is the best ice melting product (spoiler – it’s Ice Break). If you are interested in our other winter products, please visit our website at


Algae Free - Algae, Moss and Mould Remover

In this week’s blog, we will be looking at Algae Free; our all-in-one algae, moss and mould remover, and how it can help you this winter.

With winter coming, most people will be thinking about preparing themselves for snow and ice and planning how they intend to deal with these problems (if they’ve read our last blog, they’ll know Ice Break is the way to go). However, there is something else that can be even more damaging than snow and ice, especially to business properties, and is something not many people would even think about…algae.


Algae, moss and mould can be a maor problem, especially during the winter


You may be wondering how algae, as well as moss and mould, could be a problem during the winter. Nobody really thinks about plants being an issue during the cold winter months, as the majority of them die because of the weather. However, algae and moss doesn’t disappear during winter; it freezes. You still might not see this as a major issue, but if a large amount of algae and moss on the roof of a property (which is where it is often found) freezes, the weight of it can have a damaging effect on the roof of the building, to the point where the roof can even collapse because of the strain.

So now you’re starting to see why removing algae before winter comes is important, you’re going to need the right product to deal with it. Algae Free is that product. Algae Free removes algae, moss, mould and fungi from a wide range of surfaces, including stone, masonry, concrete and, of course, roofing. As well as removing the algae and moss, it also stops the growth of further algae and moss by killing the plant spores.

Algae Free is specially formulated to remove algae, moss and mould quickly and effectively


Algae Free isn’t just effective at removing algae and moss in preparation for winter. It can be used all year round and is so eco-friendly that it won’t effect or damage any other plants in the surrounding area (when diluted). 

If you are interested in buying Algae Free, please click here to go to our product website or here to buy it from our Amazon store.