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The Best Brick Cleaner

Is it time to give your property a makeover? Do you need to smarten up your brickwork? Are you leaving bare bricks as a feature on your house renovation project? Do you need to get rid of graffiti?

Q - What do these all have in common?

A - They are all situations where you need the help of APT commercial chemicals.

When cleaning brickwork, it is false economy to buy a cheap product. You will end up using more of it and probably obtain poor results. At worst, a cheap product will not be well-formulated and could even cause damage. If you buy a good quality brick cleaner, you will ultimately obtain better results and save money on your project as there will be fewer issues.

But what is the best brick cleaner for your application?

With a variety of products available, it depends on the type of soiling that you need to remove. There are some key points to always bear in mind before selecting the product that you require:

  • soiling from airborne sources is seldom water soluble so you will need something more than just soap and water
  • products based on non-ionic surfactants struggle to break down the particular bonding between soiling and the brick's surface
  • brick surfaces and the mortar in between can easily be damaged on a microscopic and macroscopic scale by abrasive methods and pressure washing
  • cleaning chemicals need to be applied at the recommended dilution, left for short periods of time and thoroughly rinsed off

You can select from a wide range of acidic and alkaline cleaners in our online store including poultice cleaners and graffiti removal products.

  • for graffiti removal, our Wipeout range is the best. There are handy wipes for small scale fresh graffiti and a thickened gel for longer contact times needed for large scale operations and graffiti that has been there for a while
  • for cement and mortar stains, you should choose our acid based brick cleaner. The acid breaks down the chemical bonds within the cement and mortar, quickly dissolving it for easy removal by rinsing without reacting with the clay materials of the brick
  • the best brick cleaner for heavy soiling is actually a combination of an alkaline degreaser followed by treatment with our acid brick cleaner
  • for light soiling, our acid brick cleaner is the best way forward
  • on historic or delicate bricks where the surface is already degraded, the only method you should use is our poultice cleaner, anything else will damage the brickwork further

Other great brick cleaning tips

  • Soak the brickwork thoroughly beforehand as this will help to limit penetration of the chemicals into the bricks, reducing the chances of damage
  • Choose thickened cleaners if possible as these will be absorbed less thus reducing the chances of damaging your bricks
  • Begin cleaning with the least aggressive method
  • Apply the cleaner first to a small trial area that is not so noticeable in order to determine if you have chosen the best product for the job. This will also tell you if your bricks are likely to be damaged by the cleaning process you have chosen
  • High pressure washing can damage both brick and mortar so use only low pressure nebulous cleaning methods
  • If brushing is required, avoid the use of hard bristled brushes

Here at APT, using the best possible raw materials, we have developed a range of top quality brick cleaning chemicals. So buy the best products now via our online ordering system or talk to our experts if you are not sure what is the right product for you - 01495 308048.