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Industrial Cleaning Supplies – A Beginners Guide

For companies of any size and stature their cleaning regime is an important aspect of the day to day running of the business and should never be underestimated. At first, a start-up company might continue to buy products straight off the shelf of the local cornershop or supermarket, but this is a nonsensical approach in the mid to long term for any business. Purchasing industrial cleaning supplies will save money, time and provide a higher quality of product with which to perform the tasks at hand.

With that in mind why would you risk not buying industrial cleaning products?

Specific Industrial Cleaning Chemicals for Your Requirements

Let’s take an example of a food production unit or factory. Each day during a shift the counters, machines and floors are likely to become covered in general dirt but also stubborn grease and food based oils. If you haven’t got a link to industrial cleaning supplies you might just have bought large quantities of a general cleaning product with which to clean.

This is a big mistake. A non-specific cleaning chemical might not work properly or you might have to use much larger quantities of it in order to see a real difference to the surface you are cleaning. Also, you could end up damaging the surfaces by using the wrong type of cleaning product. In a food production area you would be better served in purchasing bulk industrial cleaning products that have been developed for your specific needs.

At APT for example we have a range of high quality industrial degreasers that are used in such environments. It will clean the most stubborn grease and oil from services, leaving a shiny and brand new looking food production area, without damaging anything in the process.

Industrial Cleaning Supplies will Stretch Further

If you have a specific task at hand your industrial cleaning supply should reflect this by giving you products that will thoroughly complete the cleaning job and save you money by lasting longer than a general cleaning product, just as the industrial degreaser will.

You’ll see a noticeable difference between using general cleaning products and specific industrial cleaning products in the sheer value for money. Buying scientifically developed products that are of the highest quality, in bulk, will last you much longer than a general cleaning product bought straight off the shelf. You can use less of the substance itself to get the job done, have to put in less physical work to witness real results, and most importantly for any business you’ll save money as a result of the accumulative benefits we’ve mentioned here.

Industrial Cleaning Products with Specialist Advice

We all have to clean, that’s a fact. When it comes to business having the inside knowledge and assistance in some of the worst cleaning scenarios can make a difference to not only your pocket, but the maintenance of your machines and the morale of your staff. APT Chemicals has experience in developing products that actually do what they say they will – we work hard to ensure that our products are up to scratch so you don’t have to rely on supermarket cleaning products that cost more money and could potentially damage your working environment. 

Call APT-ICC on 01495 308048 today for free consultancy advice for any new or existing project.  

We are also offering 25% off your first order of our specialised  Power Max 20 safe concentrated industrial cleaner and degreaser.

4 Reasons You should be Using Ultrasonic Cleaning

4 Reasons You should be Using Ultrasonic Cleaning

We’re always keen to bang on about our green beliefs and credentials at APT. If there is a way of doing something better, smarter and cleaner we’re all for it. Our cleaning chemicals have all been developed with the customer in mind, using the highest quality products balanced with cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness. Why would you not be interested in continually improving your methods?

Ultrasonic cleaning has long been recognised as an effective and environmentally sound way of cleaning and here are four reasons why you should be using it.

  1. 1.       Ultrasonic and Ultra Friendly to the Environment

Ultrasonic cleaning fluids utilise some of the more effective ecological ingredients and alternatives to what you would find in more conventional industrial cleaning solvents. Not only will you be using cleaning solutions which are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and offer employees who are handling them a safer environment in which to work.

  1. 2.       Ultrafast Cleaning Times

If you are using conventional industrial cleaning solvents you might find that the period of time it takes to be completely effective could be quite lengthy. An ultrasonic cleaning cycle should only take around ten minutes to complete, depending on the type and size of area you are cleaning. Despite the shorter than average length of cleaning time and ultrasonic clean provides consistently high quality results.

  1. 3.       Ultra efficient in Cleaning all Areas

Ultrasonic cleaning methods are ideal for the hard to reach and delicate areas that require a deep clean. Microscopic bubbles created by the ultrasonic will reach into the most hard to find areas and penetrate deep into every surface, corner and hard to clean areas. It does so with ease and in sensitive sectors such as health and medicine it can be fantastic to guarantee the deepest clean of medical instruments that require it without becoming damaged in the process.

  1. 4.       Ultra Flexible to All Industries

The nature of ultrasonic cleaning methods and fluids ensures that it is easily transferable to many different industries. Whether you require deep cleaning in a medical setting, as discussed, an industrial or engineering environment, or to clean fine and delicate jewellery and small mechanical parts ultrasonic cleaning is fast, efficient and flexible.

We’re sure you’re now completely convinced about ultrasonic cleaning. Why not take a look at the section on our online store where you can find a wide selection of industrial ultrasonic cleaning fluids. All of our products have been highly tested and developed to meet strict legal requirements and specifications.

Our expert team are here to offer advice and guidance, so no matter your industry or specific cleaning requirements we’ll have the right cleaning solution for you.

Benefits of Solvent Cleaners

Benefits of Solvent Cleaners

Solvent cleaners allow you to clean surfaces and materials without altering the chemical state of what they are cleaning. They can dissolve and remove dirt particles even in the most soiled and dirty scenarios and it is with that in mind that you should consider which solvent cleaner is the right choice for your industry and specific situation.

Cleaning can be hard work, time consuming and cost too much money if not performed correctly. Solvent cleaners are designed to aid the cleaning process using highly developed and quality products to ensure that you are left with a clean and safe surface without working too hard to get there and without cutting corners.

But what are the benefits of solvent cleaners compared with the old fashioned way of cleaning a surface?

Keeps a Surface Clear and Clean for Longer

If you are attempting to clean a surface with a hard cleaner without using a solvent cleaning fluid you might not end up with the effectiveness you desire. Without a solvent assisting the cleaning process a surface can remain streaky and stubborn in its resistance to being cleaned. Soil and dirt particles will be initially wiped away but will naturally fall back into place on the surface as you move on to the next section, leaving a streaky appearance. Solvent based cleaners are great for polishing floors, cleaning windows and for hard surfaces.

Disinfect the Area for a Safer Environment

If using a solvent in conjunction with a disinfectant product you will help clean the very far reaches of the surface or area you are attempting to clean. The whole aim of a disinfectant is to ensure that 99.99% (and not the oft advertised 99.9%) of potentially harmful bacteria is removed from the surfaces you are cleaning. With solvent cleaners you can ensure a more effective decrease in bacteria numbers.

Effective from First Drop to Last

We all desire a stable cleaning product, something that is as effective at the bottom of a bottle as it was when we first opened and used it. With solvent based cleaners this is a guarantee. Solvents are less likely to become separated and volatile when being moved, whether from a large shipment delivery, or from the APT shelves to your home or place of work. This ensures a high level of effectiveness for a long period of time, with no disruption.

Efficient Cleaning on All Surfaces and Appliances

The effectiveness of solvent cleaning is a modern miracle that we all take for granted now. By improving the efficiency of our cleaning we are also ensuring cleaner and safer working and home environments without breaking our backs for hours on end, scrubbing away at floors and surfaces without the full desired effect.

If you would like to discuss your cleaning solutions with an experienced member of our team we are more than happy to help. We have developed a wide range of solvent cleaners for myriad industries and scenarios. They are safe to use and environmentally friendly, and whether your industry involves heavy machinery, grease and oil, or food production and natural oils, we will have the right solvent cleaner for your particular and specific requirements. 

The Top 4 Benefits of Purchasing Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

The Top 4 Benefits of Purchasing Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

There is often be a big debate in any industry about whether it is better to buy wholesale, off the shelf in a smaller shop or through a specialist company. In terms of our own industry things are no different and we’d like to put our thoughts across about the decision to buy either industrial cleaning chemicals or on the shelf janitorial products.

Here are four reasons why you’d be better off heading directly to APT Chemicals to purchase your cleaning products.

1.       Product Knowledge & Advice

This is probably the biggest reason you should buy commercial and industrial cleaning chemicals as opposed to on the shelf products. With APT chemicals we have years of experience in myriad cleaning products, their strengths and the best way to use each individually. No matter what situation you find yourself in, we’ve probably seen it and dealt with it at some point. And no doubt you’ll find the perfect cleaning solution to your question in our online store. It also means that you have the knowledge that we trust in the product and its effectiveness, something that cannot be overstated. Should you have any questions for our team, we’re also always happy to answer any questions, offer guidance and advice on specific products.

2.       Cost Effectiveness

We know that you can walk into any store and find a cleaning product for a relatively cheap price. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives but there comes a time when you want a certain level of guarantee with your spending. Purchasing industrial and commercial cleaning chemicals directly through APT ensures that you’re buying a product that will work. We have a range of specific products and our knowledge and advice will have helped you choose the correct product. Add that to the quality of the product itself and you’ll have purchased cleaning chemicals that are proven to be effective and will therefore last you a lot longer than an on the shelf product. The inexpensive product might have to be used a number of times before having the desired impact and you’ll probably have to buy it more frequently over time.

3.       Fast Turnaround of Products When You Need it Most

Sometimes a big cleaning task comes along that you just weren’t expecting. If you need to be quick and effective it can be too easy to just go to the local retailers and pick up some cleaning chemicals off the shelf. As discussed in the previous point, this could well be folly for your long term finances. Purchasing commercial and industrial cleaning products through APT guarantees you one thing if nothing else, we’ll definitely have the right product for your situation. What this means is that you’ll be able to find what you need straight away through our online store. If you go to a local shop they might have a general, wishy-washy cleaning product but this might not cut it for your urgent task at hand. Our anti-graffiti and graffiti removal products are a prime example of this. Why waste your time and energy buying a general product that won’t 100% perform the task you’re asking of it.

4.       High Quality Products

Why would you waste your money on a substandard product?

We could leave it just at that really couldn’t we? APT Chemicals has the experience of the industry to understand and appreciate what you need. Our products are only of the highest quality as we don’t see any point in selling products that might not be up to scratch. We have also developed a range of products that cater for a wide array of different circumstances and cleaning solutions. Your job isn’t a straightforward one sometimes and we understand that you might need a specialist cleaning chemical.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about assisting you in finding the cleaning solutions for you, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help.

Heavy Duty Degreasers – A Quick Guide to APTs Promise


Heavy Duty Degreasers – A Quick Guide to APTs Promise

Heavy duty cleaning fluid used to attack and dissolve all types of tough grease, petrol and food oils from hard, water-washable surfaces.

Water based degreasing cleaning fluids are ideal to use on any surface in an industrial setting that is full of oil based lubricants. It can be difficult to ensure a genuinely clean environment when such heavy duty grease is at play. There are many different types of surfaces that can become clogged with oils in the workplace, but APT have developed heavy duty degreasers that will cut through any situation and find the right cleaning solution for the task at hand.

You could be working in the automotive industry, aerospace or food production, the chances are you’ll be used to struggling to clean appliances and surfaces after a day of oils and grease covering up the workspaces. A cleaning solvent that works hard on grease is essential and APT can provide you with the product you need to make a real difference to the effectiveness of your cleaning tasks.

Saves you Time and Energy

Our heavy duty degreasers are so powerful that it won’t always feel like hard work to clean and treat an affected area. There’s nothing worse than struggling to get rid of a greasy surface or to make it even an acceptable level of clean. With our heavy duty degreasers you’ll be wondering how you’ve gone without when you see the finish that is left behind.

Saves Money

Concentrated heavy duty degreasers that are right for your specific requirements will save your company a lot of money in the long run. Not only does buying in bulk from an industrial cleaning chemical supplier ensure that you’ve always got the right supply at a cost effective rate, it also means that you won’t be potentially damaging surfaces by using the wrong type of degreaser.

Makes Surfaces Good as New

It doesn’t matter which industry you work in or what your working environment looks like. At the end of every working day you have to get rid of the grease and oils that could end up clogging up machinery and workspaces if you let them. His can be damaging to productivity and the effectiveness of machinery if left untreated. Heavy duty degreasers cut through the grease leaving behind that shiny surface that you might remember from the first day the workplace opened.

At APT we pride ourselves on providing you with intelligent cleaning solutions no matter which industry you are in and what your specific cleaning task involves. Our products have been thoroughly researched and developed using only the highest quality tools at hand, and you won’t find a better water based degreaser on the marketplace than with us.

 In industrial working environments surfaces can become thick with oil and grease and it is important to find the right heavy duty degreaser for your specific requirements. If you have a question for a member of our team we are more than happy to help you figure out which of our degreasers is best for you. Our customer service is a priority as much as the level of development and research that goes into each product that you can find in our heavy duty degreasers section.

Antibacterial Cleaners – Why You Should Use an Industrial Scale Supplier


Antibacterial Cleaners – Why You Should Use an Industrial Scale Supplier

Although you can buy antibacterial cleaners quite easily over the counter for use at home, when it comes to larger scale and more sensitive premises, such as hospitals, schools, kitchens and public institutions it is wise to buy from industrial and commercial specialists.

What you can guarantee with industrial cleaning suppliers is that the quality of the product is very high. You would never query the quality and when it comes to antibacterial cleaning chemicals you want to be sure that what you’re using isn’t going to leave even a chance of something important and nasty being left behind.

Another aspect to consider is the cost effectiveness of buying with commercial cleaning in mind. If you are looking for a specific antibacterial cleaner (such as our very own Hi-Drocleanse for example) you’ll be able to find it when you need it, and in bulk. This works on two levels, you’ll never have to risk using a more general cleaner purchased in store, and your supplies will last for a lot longer keeping your costs down in the long run.

So where would you most likely need to use antibacterial cleaners on a regular basis?


The most obvious place to begin with. It goes without saying that a hospital has to be clean – as a patient you would expect it to be the cleanest place you can find as immune systems are weak and susceptible to bacteria causing harm. Antibacterial cleaning is required for patients’ rooms, hospital beds, examination rooms and surgical theatres. Not only that but most visitors will be required to clean their hands before entering (our germ free antibacterial hand gel is perfect for this).


Where sick pets have been lying on an examination table it is good practice to use antibacterial cleaners to prevent harmful bacteria from transferring from one pet to the next, especially in a busy veterinarian practice.  Without antibacterial cleaning you are putting not only the animals at risk but also their owners and the people they live with after taking their pet home.

Kitchen Areas

In a kitchen there are many things happening at once. There are fresh and uncooked foods being delivered, food being cooked and prepared and people coming in and out at all times. A busy kitchen can be a nightmare to keep clean and can get very greasy and dirty. It is therefore essential that whoever is responsible for cleaning it has the right products available to them. Our Ultraclean MB Antibacterial kitchen degreaser kills 99.999% of bacteria, meaning that no harm will come to food being produced and those eating it.


Children in schools can sometimes get a bit grubby, especially the younger ones. They play hard and work hard, leaving scuff marks on tables and floor surfaces, bringing in mud and dirt from outside and wiping their noses on anything in sight (that’s a generalisation of course but you get the idea). As well as in the classroom and the bathroom a school canteen area can quickly become full of bacteria and caked on foodstuff. Our antibacterial washing up liquid is great to rid any surface of worn in food and stains.

At APT Chemicals we are specialists in commercial and industrial cleaning chemicals. If you have any questions regarding antibacterial cleaners we have a dedicated section to our website  , with products for sale. We are keen to pass on our knowledge and guidance, believing this to be just as important as the quality of the products themselves. If you would like to speak to a member of our team we are always happy to help.