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The Best Brick Cleaner

Is it time to give your property a makeover? Do you need to smarten up your brickwork? Are you leaving bare bricks as a feature on your house renovation project? Do you need to get rid of graffiti?

Q - What do these all have in common?

A - They are all situations where you need the help of APT commercial chemicals.

When cleaning brickwork, it is false economy to buy a cheap product. You will end up using more of it and probably obtain poor results. At worst, a cheap product will not be well-formulated and could even cause damage. If you buy a good quality brick cleaner, you will ultimately obtain better results and save money on your project as there will be fewer issues.

But what is the best brick cleaner for your application?

With a variety of products available, it depends on the type of soiling that you need to remove. There are some key points to always bear in mind before selecting the product that you require:

  • soiling from airborne sources is seldom water soluble so you will need something more than just soap and water
  • products based on non-ionic surfactants struggle to break down the particular bonding between soiling and the brick's surface
  • brick surfaces and the mortar in between can easily be damaged on a microscopic and macroscopic scale by abrasive methods and pressure washing
  • cleaning chemicals need to be applied at the recommended dilution, left for short periods of time and thoroughly rinsed off

You can select from a wide range of acidic and alkaline cleaners in our online store including poultice cleaners and graffiti removal products.

  • for graffiti removal, our Wipeout range is the best. There are handy wipes for small scale fresh graffiti and a thickened gel for longer contact times needed for large scale operations and graffiti that has been there for a while
  • for cement and mortar stains, you should choose our acid based brick cleaner. The acid breaks down the chemical bonds within the cement and mortar, quickly dissolving it for easy removal by rinsing without reacting with the clay materials of the brick
  • the best brick cleaner for heavy soiling is actually a combination of an alkaline degreaser followed by treatment with our acid brick cleaner
  • for light soiling, our acid brick cleaner is the best way forward
  • on historic or delicate bricks where the surface is already degraded, the only method you should use is our poultice cleaner, anything else will damage the brickwork further

Other great brick cleaning tips

  • Soak the brickwork thoroughly beforehand as this will help to limit penetration of the chemicals into the bricks, reducing the chances of damage
  • Choose thickened cleaners if possible as these will be absorbed less thus reducing the chances of damaging your bricks
  • Begin cleaning with the least aggressive method
  • Apply the cleaner first to a small trial area that is not so noticeable in order to determine if you have chosen the best product for the job. This will also tell you if your bricks are likely to be damaged by the cleaning process you have chosen
  • High pressure washing can damage both brick and mortar so use only low pressure nebulous cleaning methods
  • If brushing is required, avoid the use of hard bristled brushes

Here at APT, using the best possible raw materials, we have developed a range of top quality brick cleaning chemicals. So buy the best products now via our online ordering system or talk to our experts if you are not sure what is the right product for you - 01495 308048.

What is Anti-Foam and Why Should I Use it?

You have just switched on your filling machine. The 25 litre containers start to move on the conveyor, the delivery nozzle drops into the first container. Suddenly all hell lets loose - chemicals everywhere. Why did this happen? Someone forgot to add the anti-foam.

Anti-foam is a chemical that is added in small quantities in order to prevent the formation of foam in a process. It is sometimes referred to as a defoamer, anti-foaming agent or foam breaker. There are subtle distinctions between anti-foam and a defoamer i.e. the former has a persistent effect and prevents the formation of foam whilst the latter has an immediate effect and destroys it after formation. The terms are often used interchangeably as the end result is the same. Quite often, an anti-foam can behave as a defoamer and vice-versa. They work by either puncturing or weakening the surface tension of the foam causing the bubbles to collapse.

Early anti-foaming agents fell into two main groups, organic and silicone based. The first anti-foams were light oils such as kerosene and vegetable oils. It was also discovered that fatty acids were effective too, but those proved to be rather expensive. Silicone antifoams have been around for a little over 50 years but they can't be used in applications where silicone causes surface disturbance e.g. in paint and ink applications.

Research continued into the manufacture of more and more efficient products, generally synthetic organic chemicals. The 1960s was perhaps the heyday of the development of oil based synthetic chemicals but when the oil crisis of the early 1970s arrived, prices of these materials soared. In order to make them commercially viable, they were emulsified and still found to work well. This ultimately led to the efficient anti-foam emulsions of today.

Whichever you choose to use, it should be used sparingly, in accordance with the instructions. Using too much will have a detrimental effect on your process, as can using the wrong type.

Why you need to use anti-foaming agents

The presence of foam inhibits processing speed and reduces the efficiency of circulating pumps. It limits the cleaning effectiveness of detergents, reduces the ability of cutting fluids and coolants to do their job and can lead to environmental concerns. Anyone reading this who grew up in the age before biodegradable detergents will probably remember the rafts of foam on rivers in and around industrial areas.

Anti-foams effectively control process foam in many different manufacturing situations, including:

  • Chemical manufacturing and formulating
  • Textiles
  • Food production and processing
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing
  • Paints and coatings
  • Pharmaceuticals

In engineering, anti-foam prevents machine tool coolants from foaming thus ensuring they retain their effectiveness, are circulated properly by the pump and do not overflow from the system. In an automotive application, the use of these products improves the performance of tank cleaning processes, particularly where detergent based degreasers are in use.

The printing industry needs to add anti-foam to ink in order to prevent the inclusion of air bubbles within the ink circulating in the presses. Any air bubbles will reduce significantly the quality of the final printed material. In addition, the surface active action aids wetting, enabling the ink to stick more effectively to the surface on which it is applied, ensuring a higher quality end result.

Here at APT, using the best possible raw materials, we have developed a top quality silicone based anti-foam that is perfect for any process that is not sensitive to the presence of silicones. So buy your anti foaming agent now via our online ordering system or talk to our experts if you are not sure if this is the right product for you - 01495 308048

4 Benefits of Ice Break as a Snow Removal and Ice Melting Product

Ice melting products aren’t always the most reliable, especially grit based products that can do a slow acting job but leave behind a messy residue. When you need something fast acting and reliable Ice Break is guaranteed to do the job and has been scientifically developed over many years to deliver consistently on the toughest patches of compacted ice and snow.

So what are the 4 reasons ice breaker is the best ice melting product you can purchase whilst putting together your winter supplies?

1.       It’s like Magic – Fast Acting Ice Melt

Let’s put this in comparison with the traditional ice prevention and removal products, which are salt based. Ice break has been scientifically tested and works at 8 times the speed of rock salt. During production, all of the liquid has been removed from a natural accruing liquid chemical source and what’s left behind is a pure, dry cake. This has been formed into light and small pellets which when dropped onto ice begin to react instantly. The pellets hurtle up to a high temperature and the ice melting process begins much quicker than with rock salt.

2.        Lasts for up to 48 Hours

Not only does it start to work instantly as an ice melting product, Ice Break lasts for longer than rock salt. An invisible layer is left behind once the pellets have melted the ice and this prevents liquid from forming into ice and bonding with the ground below. Salt based products only last for up to five hours in most scenarios and that is why you often see gritters out over consecutive days when cold weather hits. They are used to plough away the snow whilst dropping grit to remove the night’s ice.  Ice Break is a great proactive, preventative measure rather than the reactionary grit based products we are used to.

3.       Simple to Apply

The pellets mentioned earlier are easy to spread on an icy surface or as a preventative measure when the cold weather warning has arrived. You don’t need any special snow or ice removing equipment to lay them down and due to the heat of the pellets when they come into contact with ice, they cover a wider area than rock salt too. The Ice Break pellets allows for even distribution and do not leave behind a messy residue which is an all too familiar problem with grit based products.

4.       Non-Toxic

One of the misconceptions of certain ice melting products is that they can be toxic to humans and damage the surfaces they are being used to treat. This is not the case at all with Ice Break. It is non-corrosive and is safe to use on any surface, including vegetation, without worrying about leaving damage behind once the ice and snow has been removed.

Speak to APT about Your Winter Products

Snow removal and ice removal are tough jobs that we all have to consider when the harsh winter weather arrives. Especially those of us who require the use of commercial ice clearing products to ensure the safety of our staff and members of the public it can be a constant worry.

If you are in the process of putting together your winter supplies and will most likely be facing ice removal on a regular basis over the next few months, give our team a call at APT. We’ve got a wide range of ice melting products, including different sizes and versions of Ice Break, which has been proven to be 8 times faster and covers 12 times the area of rock salt when used on icy areas. Used for office buildings, factories, schools, nursing homes, hospitals and other public areas, Ice Break is a commercial ice melter like no other.

Winter is Coming! Break the Ice and Stay Safe

Winter is Coming! Break the Ice and Stay Safe

When the cold weather arrives in the UK, it arrives with a harsh snap and the blankets of frost and ice can cause havoc across the land on many a driveway, window or road. The morning frost is a nuisance that many people have to deal with everyday and a few minutes delay is an annoyance they could do without. There are of course local councils and businesses that cannot afford to have these moments and must be fully prepared for the inevitable downward spike of bad weather and have ice melting procedures in place.

Ice (especially black ice on the roads) can cause many problems to a local population. What are the potential problems when the cold weather arrives?

A Slipping Hazard: The most obvious problem and a danger to everyone walking in a public place. Snow and ice can become a difficult hazard to be rid of once they have set in and the cold weather decides to stay for a few days or weeks at a time. The problem will only become really apparent once people start slipping and injuring themselves, prevention is always better than cure.

Increased chances of motor collisions: Black ice on the roads can cause injury and death if left untreated. Motorway and road agencies have to be fully prepared to grit the roads and display hazard warnings in good advance of a bad weather system approaching. Motor vehicular crashes remain a problem on our roads and ice only exacerbates the situation.

Slows down transport: Transport can slow down as a result of collisions and when a solution is only offered and attempted after snow and ice has already formed. If the road networks become blocked for too long it can cause misery.

Knock-on Effect: The knock-on effect of all three problems listed is that it can cause a loss of confidence in local government if potential hazards are not prevented or at least swiftly dealt with once they appear.

When heavy snowfall settles on top of an already icy surface the problems will intensify and for those persons responsible for clearing snow and ice and ensuring the safety of the public, the work becomes even more important.

An Effective Answer to Break the Snow and Ice

We are all used to seeing the gritters out on the roads, a little too late in many cases, but there is another option that can be used to dissolve ice effectively in many areas. For use on roads, driveways, runways, large carparks, emergency exits, pedestrian walkways, railways and sewage lines, Ice Break Extreme is a proven product.

On the market today there is no other ice breaker that can match it. Developed over many years it is non-corrosive and can be used on a multitude of surfaces and materials, always to great effect. From small to larger areas, it is easy to use and is best as a preventative method should you be expecting a snow storm and large areas of ice to form in an area of heavy footfall or traffic. As hazard prevention goes there are few products that match it. It can also be used once snow removal has taken place however and is a highly effective ice melter in these situations. 

If you’re unsure about which ice melting and winter products are for you, contact APT and our customer service team will be happy to guide you through the options and help you and the passing public stay safe from the cold this winter.

Refreezing – The Nightmare De-Icing Scenario

When the deep freeze sets in it can cause untold damage to buildings, vehicles, roads and pavements. The hazards to people walking or driving by aren’t there for all to see and an ice melting product is often required in the harshest winter scenarios to ensure safety from slips and trips.

Another problem that is often overlooked is how the deep freeze can set in to every little nook and cranny, not just windscreens, windows and surfaces.

A General Ice Melting Product and Deicer

A general deicing product will perform an adequate job of melting ice in the affected areas. It might not be the fastest and could be a cheaper product on the market, but it will eventually do the job.

There are a few problems with a general, domestic use deicer however. Firstly, they are more likely to have been developed using potentially harmful substances. Harmful to you as the consumer; harmful to the surfaces being used on; and to the environment. The last thing you want is to melt ice away from a windscreen but be left with smears and damaged window seals.

Ice windsreen

The Refreeze

Another problem with a many deicers and winter supplies is that they are reactive rather than proactive, tackling the problem at hand but not the cause of the problem. Say for instance you’ve had some problems with frozen tiles and guttering on the roof of your company building, you may be able to use an ice melting product to thaw away the ice that is there now, but then what? In a cold winter you could end up doing this day after day and this will only lead to roof damage that worsens day to day as the constant expansion and melting of ice causes cracks and fissures to appear in the surface.

A Professional Approach to Screenwashing and Deicing

In sub zero temperatures in the deepest, darkest hours of winter you need a professional de icer, something that will break through the ice and clear the way for a full and effective working day ahead.

Remember though that application is just as important as the product you are using. In any situation and any surface, whether driveway or windscreen, the best start to any ice removal procedure is to use a soft brush to sweep away the excess top layer of snow, leaving just the ice behind. Once you’ve done this, liberally apply the ice melting product and watch as it breaks the bond of ice and surface and leaves behind a safe surface for you.

Thawout Professional De Icer is one of the professional winter supplies we hold as part of our catalogue here at APT and has been scientifically developed over the years to be effective on a wide range of surfaces. From the usual windscreens down to the small areas of a car, such as the windscreen wipers, locks and hinges, you can’t afford to have freezing set in, and even worse, the re-freeze to take place.

Thawout not only clears the ice to begin with but it also has extra anti-freezing ingredients which allows it to settle in and prevent ice from returning to claim the surface area as its home once more the next night. It’s also smear free and won’t damage the surfaces.

For professional winter supplies, ice melting products and deicers, we know the best markets on the product. If you would like to speak to a member of our team before the deep freeze impacts on your fleet of professional vehicles, contact us today.

The Problem with Salt Based Snow Melting Products

Businesses have to worry more than most about the harsh wintry conditions that we sometimes suffer from in the UK. They have to consider the safety of their staff; their customers, suppliers and how an icy pathway or snow blocked road can have a negative impact on their sales. For those companies with company vehicles to content with the effectiveness of an ice melting product as part of their winter supplies takes on even more importance.

We’ve all seen the big gritters out on the roads the night before a predicted heavy snowfall and we’ve no doubt all used salt and/or sand as a home based remedy for ensuring our back yards and driveways remain clear from dangerous ice and compacted snow, but are they really that effective as a commercial ice melting product?

Of course, finding that balancing act between your budget and the best available winter products is always difficult, but the following might make you realise salt and grit based ice clearing and ice melt products aren’t the best option.

snow clearing

The Right Mix

Very often salt based ice melters use a mixture of salt, sand and grit. Sand, grit and other abrasives aren’t actually a benefit to the de-icing process, only providing traction. In terms of production value and appeal to companies with a lower budget these types of ice melting products are an interesting proposition but for sand in particular you are in fact risking the environment it is being used in.

Any product that uses fillers and other materials can cause dangerous clouds of dusts once they are spread, they can also block natural basins and drains in the ground and cause untold damage to vegetation in the surrounding areas.

Danger to the Area and You

Harmful chemicals used in many de-icing products can cause harm to vegetation within the area being used, killing plants and trees and poisoning the soils in some cases. Not all products are like this of course, but traditional products will use corrosive elements within its production.

Conventional, salt based ice melting products can also be harmful to the surfaces they are used on, with long lasting residue left behind and potentially damage in the form of potholes and cracks that could lead to the necessity for resurfacing. This isn’t something you consider when snowfall is expected, but it can happen.

If a product can harm plants and wildlife, imagine the potential hazard to you, the user.  For the sake of your health it is worth looking into the alternatives as ice melting products will keep your staff and customers safe.

Choosing the Right Ice Clearing Product

It is good to remember that ice melting products are for just that, melting ice and removing the dangers of leaving it present. It shouldn’t be used as a snow removal product also. The best way to use an ice melter is to first shovel away excess snow and then look to remove the ice left on the surface.

At APT Chemicals we have years of experience in helping businesses purchase the right commercial ice melting products. Ice Break Extreme is the best on the market and ticks all the boxes. It is widely used throughout the UK, Scandinavia & Germany and is essential for winter maintenance planning. It is highly, and rapidly, effective against ice, is non-toxic so won’t damage the environment, the surfaces applied to or you, and is easy to use, forming a layer that breaks the bond between ice and surface and prevents it from reattaching.

To find out more about Ice Break Extreme and other parts of our winter supplies catalogue please feel free to contact our customer service team today.

You can purchase Ice Break Extreme from our website here or watch our youtube video for more information

ice melting pellets


Keeping the Fleet Moving – Choosing the Right Screenwash

For many companies the winter months can be harsh and offer complex problems on a daily basis that have to be solved quickly to ensure a smooth running operation. For public sector services like the emergency services on the front line, highway agencies, public transport companies and refuse collectors, to private companies such as haulage contractors and taxi services, keeping their fleet of vehicles on the road from day to day is vitally important. Choosing the right tools and products to make this happen becomes more important as the cold winter months take grip.

Extreme Temperatures are Dangerous to All

If you think about a single frozen windscreen and the hassle that entails it is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. For emergency services especially this can multiply into the thousands and the tens of thousands countrywide in the worst winter storms. The impact of sub zero temperatures can lead to injury and loss of life if the vehicles in question are not running smoothly in all aspects. A frozen windscreen prevents a vehicle from beginning its journey, and for an emergency vehicle this could mean seconds wasted that can make a huge difference.

frozen windscreen

Get the Motors Running

Choosing the right screen wash and de icer can will add decrease those vital seconds and ensure that you can get the motor running without worrying about wasting too much time and money in the process. There are countless ice melting products available on the market and the best route for all businesses to take is to conduct a thorough research of what exactly you require and to scan the market for the suitable products. The worst thing to do is to be reactionary and wait for the problem to occur.

Smears and Damaged Paintwork Won’t Do

One problem that you’ll find with many traditional ice melting products and screen washes is that they take some time to break the ice and can often leave damage behind. If a window seal is slightly damaged this can have a long term effect on the vehicle as a whole and can cost in repairs eventually. Some products will also leave smears behind on the window screen, which is never ideal and can be a hazard to the driver if not dealt with immediately, cutting into precious time.

Solution 5000 Winter Screen Wash – Available with APT

Looking for that de icer that will perform consistently is difficult for the average vehicle owner. When it comes to large scale commercial and public sector fleets, having the right screen wash is one of the most important products you can have to hand on the cold wintry mornings. Solution 5000 Winter Screen Wash has been developed over many years using high quality ingredients that are able to cope with the demands and stresses of sub zero conditions (it is effective as low as -15C!). It is safe to use on any vehicle and surface, won’t damage paintwork and won’t leave smears on your windscreens. You can just use with ease and start the engines running as you won’t be hanging around for long.

Having been used by emergency services with success for many years in Scandinavian countries, you know that it can deliver the goods.

If you’d like to find out more about Solution 5000 Winter Screen Wash, or discuss other aspects of our professional winter products range, including ice melters, please feel free to give our expert team a call. We know how to clear the ice and keep your fleet running smoothly this winter.

You can purchase Solution 5000 on our website here

solution 5000 screen wash

Effectively Dealing with Oil Spills

Effectively Dealing with Oil Spills

When there is mention of an oil spill it automatically conjures up images of overturned tankers causing devastation to marine life in the ocean and along thousands of miles of coastline for both wildlife and humans. Of course, the scale of the damage these disasters bring about is unfathomable but there are also much smaller oil spills on land that can cause long term problems and chaos if not dealt with quickly and effectively.

The Location of an Oil Spill

Oil spills can take place in myriad locations and situations, each with its own varying degrees of hazards, containment issues, risk of contamination and of course clean up procedures. It is important to have an understanding of where and how an oil spill can take place and what measures you should take should you be faced with one.

Where are you like to be at risk of an oil spill?


In an industrial setting oil spills can occur from drums being knocked over by accident or large machinery breaking down, causing spillages. If a small oil spill has taken place most companies will have procedures in place to contain the hazard in a small area to prevent contamination and a spread of risk and damage. It can then wait until an effective clean-up procedure can take place.

Sometimes however, the oil spillage could be a large one, and if you’re not careful this can lead to disruption to production. Machinery may have to be switched off and man hours lost if a large oil spill is not dealt with quickly and efficiently. Employees could be in danger of slipping and injuring themselves, machinery and everyday work equipment may be damaged, surfaces could be permanently damaged and any outsiders, suppliers or delivery agents for your product may have to be prevented from entering the area until it is clear. An oil spill could cost time and money to your company.

Be prepared to seal off an area where an oil spill has taken place, shut down any machinery or equipment that is in the immediate area and ensure that all employees are safe from harm. Once you have secured the area, a professional team of cleaners, specialised in dealing with oil spills, will be able to enter and clean-up the oil spill.

On the Road

On roads and motorways is the other most likely place where an oil spill could occur, demanding immediate action to clear it up and prevent lives from being put at risk. This can come about as a result of a traffic collision, a spillage from a large tanker or from a leak on a petrol or diesel can.

An oil spill on a road surface can quickly spread, covering miles of the road network causing chaos. Not only can it cause traffic collisions on the road itself, it can also damaging the immediate wildlife and environments surrounding the road network it is affecting. It is imperative that an oil spillage on a road is cleaned up as quickly as possible to prevent long term damage to the surroundings.

When an oil spill takes place on the road, safety is a priority with certain lanes and in the worst cases whole stretches of road closed off immediately to prevent further accidents for drivers. Diversions must be put in place to stop a build-up of traffic close to the area.

A Professional Oil Spill Response Team

At APT we have a professional team, experienced in dealing with a wide variety of oil spills in both the workplace and on roads and motorways. We understand the chaos it can cause, the damage to property, the risk to lives and the negative connotations to the productivity of your working environment.

We have the latest equipment tailored to deal with the problems encountered with an oil spill and have our very own, specially developed oil removal products which are all eco-friendly. If you are faced with an oil spill and need a fast response our team has a rapid response system in place and can be on site and ready to begin clean-up within 45 minutes of the call on most occasions.

The Best Graffiti Remover

The Best Graffiti Remover

Graffiti has become a problem in the UK over recent years, with private business owners and local councils often having to shoulder the costs of clean-up and putting in places preventative measures. Over the years you may have come across graffiti on your property and struggled with how to firstly effectively remove it, and secondly, prevent it from happening again. It can be difficult but there are products and services available to help you.

A Keep Britain Tidy report on criminal damage highlighted the cost of graffiti by stating that as far back as 2000 there was a clean-up cost associated with graffiti of £890 on a public sector or commercial building and £510 on private land. This cost was for each individual act of graffiti so you can imagine when this adds up it is one staggering amount. Another statistic highlights the direct costs to the rail network in the UK as being at least £5 million each and every year, and this is before you take into account the indirect costs of lost revenue and associated delays whilst clean up operations take place.

What Can You Do About Graffiti?

In the not too distant past you’d have been cursing your luck that someone had defaced your property with ‘street art’. Best case scenario you might be able to borrow a pressure washer from somewhere and use up valuable time trying to force the art of your walls with sheer power and unless you used the right product you would still be left with most on your walls.

There are many different types of cleaning chemicals out there and preventative anti-vandal paint, but it’s hard to know where to go on the market to buy truly effective graffiti removal products. However, cleaning products just keep getting better and better across the board however and as science develops so do new ways in which to clean away myriad types of graffiti.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Chemicals and Equipment from APT

No matter what type of graffiti you were faced with, in terms of materials and paint used, or the size of the problem, the products we have at APT are guaranteed to help you out. Our specially formulated graffiti removal chemicals and equipment will help you remove graffiti not just once, but for good. And the best part of it all is that we provide eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. You’ll be cleaning up your own micro-environment without harming the wider environment.

We’ve can supply you with:

-          Graffiti Cleaners’ Surface Wipes

-          Graffiti Removal Chemicals

-          Eco-Paint Stripper Gel

-          Anti-Graffiti Paint

No matter what the vandals are throwing at your property we’ll have the answer and the longer term solution to keep them at bay. We’ve been supplying graffiti removal products for over a quarter of a decade now, so if you need help to decide which graffiti removal chemicals or anti-graffiti products is right for you please call and a member of our team will be able to talk it through with. Graffiti is a blight on society when it targets private homes and businesses, with the costs causing damage to the owners in question, don’t be a prisoner to vandalism, take control and find the graffiti removal products and equipment to help you.

Hand Care - Choosing the Right Hand Care Product

Hand Care – Choosing the Right Hand Care Product

Hand care is often overlooked in the workplace, with bog standard soap, hand wash and dispensers used in employee washrooms. People often look at the cost of a hand wash as being the most important part of the purchase, rather than the benefits of choosing the right hand care for their work setting. It is important to have a few different considerations when choosing a hand care product, not just looking for the lowest price in the local supermarket.

What to Look out for with Hand Care Products

Depending on the type of industry you work in, the hand care product you require will differ. Work premises where there is heavy machinery in use and a lot of grease and oil being spread about on to employees hands and clothing will require something a lot more stubborn than say, an office washroom. When looking at the healthcare industries you’ll be more likely to need a hand sanitizer in the form of a gel to ensure cleanliness at all times.

We have a range of hand care products at APT, including:

Antibacterial Soap

Our anti-bacterial soap products are available as handy wipes and little bottles that a person can carry around with them on a daily basis, right through to industrial size products for use in large workplaces. They are perfect for industries where the highest standard of hygiene are demanded, such as hospital settings and the food preparation industry.

Hand Sanitizers

Every workplace needs a healthy hand care product in the washroom and we deliver a wide range of options for the everyday workplace. If you’re looking for a product that will keep your employees hands clean and any customers that may have access to the washroom, and you’re looking for a top quality product without breaking the bank, this is the right place to be. Don’t cut corners with budget soap and hand wash, use something of quality.

Hand Wipes

Sanitizing hand wipes are invaluable at home and in the workplace. Whether you are in need of a bulk order of wipes or a smaller number to carry around with you, they are fantastic for dual usage; wiping surfaces and sanitising your hands. You can clean away any excess dirt and grime from areas and at the same time leave the surface shiny and clean to a high standard. We all know what it’s like to have surfaces that are easily marked and which get grubby. Hand wipes mean these should be a thing of the past.

Hand Gels

In some industries you may require a hand wash which is a bit more durable and can get at stubborn and heavy stains and dirt. If your company is one which uses heavy machinery on a daily basis you’ll know how difficult it can be to remove stains, dirt, oils and grease from your hands when it comes to your lunch hour or time to go home. A hand gel is a great way to wash way the dirt without the need for scrubbing your hands, and it’ll leave them clean, clear and free from germs.

Hand Care Products from APT

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about your current situation and which hand care products you currently use – we’ll be more than happy to offer some guidance and a range of alternatives that may suit your needs. Choosing the right hand care product for your workplace is more important than most people think, we’re here to help you make the right choice and keep you, your staff and customers clean and safe from germs.