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Effectively Dealing with Oil Spills

Effectively Dealing with Oil Spills

When there is mention of an oil spill it automatically conjures up images of overturned tankers causing devastation to marine life in the ocean and along thousands of miles of coastline for both wildlife and humans. Of course, the scale of the damage these disasters bring about is unfathomable but there are also much smaller oil spills on land that can cause long term problems and chaos if not dealt with quickly and effectively.

The Location of an Oil Spill

Oil spills can take place in myriad locations and situations, each with its own varying degrees of hazards, containment issues, risk of contamination and of course clean up procedures. It is important to have an understanding of where and how an oil spill can take place and what measures you should take should you be faced with one.

Where are you like to be at risk of an oil spill?


In an industrial setting oil spills can occur from drums being knocked over by accident or large machinery breaking down, causing spillages. If a small oil spill has taken place most companies will have procedures in place to contain the hazard in a small area to prevent contamination and a spread of risk and damage. It can then wait until an effective clean-up procedure can take place.

Sometimes however, the oil spillage could be a large one, and if you’re not careful this can lead to disruption to production. Machinery may have to be switched off and man hours lost if a large oil spill is not dealt with quickly and efficiently. Employees could be in danger of slipping and injuring themselves, machinery and everyday work equipment may be damaged, surfaces could be permanently damaged and any outsiders, suppliers or delivery agents for your product may have to be prevented from entering the area until it is clear. An oil spill could cost time and money to your company.

Be prepared to seal off an area where an oil spill has taken place, shut down any machinery or equipment that is in the immediate area and ensure that all employees are safe from harm. Once you have secured the area, a professional team of cleaners, specialised in dealing with oil spills, will be able to enter and clean-up the oil spill.

On the Road

On roads and motorways is the other most likely place where an oil spill could occur, demanding immediate action to clear it up and prevent lives from being put at risk. This can come about as a result of a traffic collision, a spillage from a large tanker or from a leak on a petrol or diesel can.

An oil spill on a road surface can quickly spread, covering miles of the road network causing chaos. Not only can it cause traffic collisions on the road itself, it can also damaging the immediate wildlife and environments surrounding the road network it is affecting. It is imperative that an oil spillage on a road is cleaned up as quickly as possible to prevent long term damage to the surroundings.

When an oil spill takes place on the road, safety is a priority with certain lanes and in the worst cases whole stretches of road closed off immediately to prevent further accidents for drivers. Diversions must be put in place to stop a build-up of traffic close to the area.

A Professional Oil Spill Response Team

At APT we have a professional team, experienced in dealing with a wide variety of oil spills in both the workplace and on roads and motorways. We understand the chaos it can cause, the damage to property, the risk to lives and the negative connotations to the productivity of your working environment.

We have the latest equipment tailored to deal with the problems encountered with an oil spill and have our very own, specially developed oil removal products which are all eco-friendly. If you are faced with an oil spill and need a fast response our team has a rapid response system in place and can be on site and ready to begin clean-up within 45 minutes of the call on most occasions.

Hand Care - Choosing the Right Hand Care Product

Hand Care – Choosing the Right Hand Care Product

Hand care is often overlooked in the workplace, with bog standard soap, hand wash and dispensers used in employee washrooms. People often look at the cost of a hand wash as being the most important part of the purchase, rather than the benefits of choosing the right hand care for their work setting. It is important to have a few different considerations when choosing a hand care product, not just looking for the lowest price in the local supermarket.

What to Look out for with Hand Care Products

Depending on the type of industry you work in, the hand care product you require will differ. Work premises where there is heavy machinery in use and a lot of grease and oil being spread about on to employees hands and clothing will require something a lot more stubborn than say, an office washroom. When looking at the healthcare industries you’ll be more likely to need a hand sanitizer in the form of a gel to ensure cleanliness at all times.

We have a range of hand care products at APT, including:

Antibacterial Soap

Our anti-bacterial soap products are available as handy wipes and little bottles that a person can carry around with them on a daily basis, right through to industrial size products for use in large workplaces. They are perfect for industries where the highest standard of hygiene are demanded, such as hospital settings and the food preparation industry.

Hand Sanitizers

Every workplace needs a healthy hand care product in the washroom and we deliver a wide range of options for the everyday workplace. If you’re looking for a product that will keep your employees hands clean and any customers that may have access to the washroom, and you’re looking for a top quality product without breaking the bank, this is the right place to be. Don’t cut corners with budget soap and hand wash, use something of quality.

Hand Wipes

Sanitizing hand wipes are invaluable at home and in the workplace. Whether you are in need of a bulk order of wipes or a smaller number to carry around with you, they are fantastic for dual usage; wiping surfaces and sanitising your hands. You can clean away any excess dirt and grime from areas and at the same time leave the surface shiny and clean to a high standard. We all know what it’s like to have surfaces that are easily marked and which get grubby. Hand wipes mean these should be a thing of the past.

Hand Gels

In some industries you may require a hand wash which is a bit more durable and can get at stubborn and heavy stains and dirt. If your company is one which uses heavy machinery on a daily basis you’ll know how difficult it can be to remove stains, dirt, oils and grease from your hands when it comes to your lunch hour or time to go home. A hand gel is a great way to wash way the dirt without the need for scrubbing your hands, and it’ll leave them clean, clear and free from germs.

Hand Care Products from APT

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about your current situation and which hand care products you currently use – we’ll be more than happy to offer some guidance and a range of alternatives that may suit your needs. Choosing the right hand care product for your workplace is more important than most people think, we’re here to help you make the right choice and keep you, your staff and customers clean and safe from germs.

The Best Graffiti Remover

The Best Graffiti Remover

Graffiti has become a problem in the UK over recent years, with private business owners and local councils often having to shoulder the costs of clean-up and putting in places preventative measures. Over the years you may have come across graffiti on your property and struggled with how to firstly effectively remove it, and secondly, prevent it from happening again. It can be difficult but there are products and services available to help you.

A Keep Britain Tidy report on criminal damage highlighted the cost of graffiti by stating that as far back as 2000 there was a clean-up cost associated with graffiti of £890 on a public sector or commercial building and £510 on private land. This cost was for each individual act of graffiti so you can imagine when this adds up it is one staggering amount. Another statistic highlights the direct costs to the rail network in the UK as being at least £5 million each and every year, and this is before you take into account the indirect costs of lost revenue and associated delays whilst clean up operations take place.

What Can You Do About Graffiti?

In the not too distant past you’d have been cursing your luck that someone had defaced your property with ‘street art’. Best case scenario you might be able to borrow a pressure washer from somewhere and use up valuable time trying to force the art of your walls with sheer power and unless you used the right product you would still be left with most on your walls.

There are many different types of cleaning chemicals out there and preventative anti-vandal paint, but it’s hard to know where to go on the market to buy truly effective graffiti removal products. However, cleaning products just keep getting better and better across the board however and as science develops so do new ways in which to clean away myriad types of graffiti.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Chemicals and Equipment from APT

No matter what type of graffiti you were faced with, in terms of materials and paint used, or the size of the problem, the products we have at APT are guaranteed to help you out. Our specially formulated graffiti removal chemicals and equipment will help you remove graffiti not just once, but for good. And the best part of it all is that we provide eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. You’ll be cleaning up your own micro-environment without harming the wider environment.

We’ve can supply you with:

-          Graffiti Cleaners’ Surface Wipes

-          Graffiti Removal Chemicals

-          Eco-Paint Stripper Gel

-          Anti-Graffiti Paint

No matter what the vandals are throwing at your property we’ll have the answer and the longer term solution to keep them at bay. We’ve been supplying graffiti removal products for over a quarter of a decade now, so if you need help to decide which graffiti removal chemicals or anti-graffiti products is right for you please call and a member of our team will be able to talk it through with. Graffiti is a blight on society when it targets private homes and businesses, with the costs causing damage to the owners in question, don’t be a prisoner to vandalism, take control and find the graffiti removal products and equipment to help you.

Removing Graffiti and Preventing Future Vandalism – 4 Choices

Graffiti costs private business and home owners a lot of money to remove. Depending on your situation, the type of surface that has been vandalised and the materials used to deface your property, there are a few different options you can consider to remove the graffiti, and/or put in place preventative measures to stop vandals from hitting you in the future with obscene and offensive markings.

Surfaces can widely vary, from brickwork to concrete, aluminium, pavements and bus stops. Each will have a different level of resistance and a different reaction to certain cleaning chemicals. Alongside this the type of materials used by vandals isn’t always the spray can that has become associated with graffiti. They can use marker pen, paint, makeup or polish.

Another problem you have to consider is how long the graffiti has been present. The longer graffiti has been on a surface, as with any type of dirt you’re trying to clean away from a surface, the harder it will be to fully remove. So what are your options?

Pressure Washing

Mixing water with a graffiti removing solvent and applying to the affected area with a pressure washer is a fantastic way to combat graffiti which has been present for a long enough period of time to become stubborn and resistant to other methods. Choosing the right cleaning chemical is crucial however, as you do not want to damage the surface underneath. If you are in need of a larger area to be cleaned of graffiti with blasting equipment it may be best to call out a professional team who can deal with any situation, no matter the area size or stubbornness of the graffiti in question.

Sacrificial Surface

A sacrificial surface is something you can apply to an area to prevent permanent damage. It could be a removable protective film that acts as a barrier and catches any graffiti or marks to the surface and which you can then remove, leaving a clean, undamaged surface behind. Certain coatings, or anti-graffiti gels can be applied to areas to provide this type of insurance against vandalism, and the anti-graffiti paint mentioned above is also a great sacrificial coating as a vandal can try all they like to graffiti over it, but they will struggle much more than a normal surface. The substrate below remains intact and clean from surface damage and markings.

Removing with Chemical Products

There are a few different options when it comes to chemical cleaning products aimed at removing graffiti from surfaces. No matter the type of surface you will be able to find a chemical product that can remove it. It’s about choosing the right one for the surface you need to clean without leaving a permanent damaged area where graffiti once was. The stronger a solvent is the faster it is likely to remove the paint/graffiti from the surface area.  For smaller areas of graffiti you can quite simply use a brush, cloth or anti-graffiti wipe to apply the cleaning product to the surface. Or larger jobs there may be the necessity for an industrial graffiti remover and some heavier equipment.

Paint it Out

If the surface in question isn’t one that you particularly want to use cleaning chemicals on then there is another option. By painting over the surface you can remove the graffiti from sight safely and without potentially damaging the surface. This approach is best on surfaces which are smooth and already painted. As a way of adding insurance you can use anti-graffiti paint which not only covers the problem, but has been designed to be incredibly tough and resistant against damage and vandalism. 

Need a Fast Response to Vandalism?

If you have a commercial property which has been damaged by vandals and requires immediate attention we do have a team in place to help you with your problem. Contact APT –ICC Ltd (Our sister company) and they’ll help you out with a fast response. Should you be suffering from offensive or abusive graffiti, or graffiti which covers a large area and is causing an embarrassment to your company it’s better to remove it as soon as possible and limit the potential damage to your brand and reputation. Visit the website here for more information on how our rapid response team can help.

Industrial Oven Cleaner

Cleaning your oven at the best of times is a cumbersome chore that none of us like to attend to if we’re truly honest with ourselves. Switch that conversation to the setting of an industrial sized oven and food production area, or any commercial kitchen and it becomes less of a chore to bother with than a necessity that could make the difference between a successful and a failing kitchen.

A Clean Kitchen is a Healthy Kitchen

Wherever food is being produced health and safety has to be a priority. You can’t risk your food becoming contaminated due to the industrial ovens becoming clogged up with food, dirt, oils and grease. In a food production environment the heat is always on – so be ready to wipe down surfaces and clean the oven thoroughly so it looks brand new.

Fully Clean Away Tough to Remove Oils and Grease

For people who don’t work in a food production factory or commercial kitchen it can be hard to appreciate just how quickly an industrial oven can become dirty and appear worn down and ineffective. There are so many hot oils and grease in play in a kitchen that all surfaces can quickly become covered. An industrial oven cleaner can cut through all types of oil and grease without you having to scrub hard at it for hours. You need a cleaning product that will make its mark straight away and leave a fully clean surface area and industrial oven that hasn’t got stains and marks of the working day left behind when you clock off at the end of a long, hard shift.

Be Prepared for the Next Working Day

Cleaning away the day’s dirt is an essential part of the end of day task. In a food production environment, whether a kitchen or a factory setting, the best way to start tomorrow and be as effective as possible is to clean today. Much like with any equipment you use, the longer term strategy has to be to keep it at its optimum levels of efficiency for as long as possible.

By thoroughly cleaning your industrial oven each day, with a quality product, it will stay effective for a lot longer. As a financial strategy it is a winner as you’ll pay less out on maintenance calls and new ovens over the years. On a day to production strategy it also works as your work can start straight away without the need for yesterdays cleaning to be completed first.

Industrial Oven Cleaner from APT

The industrial oven cleaners you’ll find with APT have been scientifically developed to deliver. Your average oven cleaner won’t cut it when it comes to the heat of the working kitchen and our products will cut through all types of grease, food deposits, grime and carbon deposits, leaving behind a sparkling oven that looks brand new.

More importantly it will comply with all health and safety regulations; leave you with the ability to cook without having to worry about the contamination of food from hard to remove grease and oils from the day before, and it will do the job effectively. You won’t have to spend hours of your time scrubbing the oven clean, let our industrial oven cleaners do the work and you can just wipe the grime away and put the finishing touches to the job.