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Fogging Cleaning Machine

One of the most effective ways to disinfect premises and help control the spread of viruses is the use of a chemical fogger. Reputable manufacturers and suppliers of fogging machines are the best people to consult when looking for the most effective way to reduce the transmission of enveloped viruses.

Buying an effective and reliable fogging cleaning machine ensures you have access to expert advice and after-sales service if needed.


Fogging Machines Range from APT Commercial Chemicals


Considerations For Disinfecting Premises With A Chemical Fogger Machine

At APT, we have been offering environmentally safe cleaning solutions to the UK public for over 30 years. Our wide range of disinfectant fogging machines are used by businesses, health organizations, educational institutions, correctional services, and tourist facilities across the country.

Every fogging cleaning machine is accompanied by a full manual with RAMS, and our clients are assured of a step-to-step guide, even by phone if necessary.

Fogging is an effective way of disinfecting areas, but the type of fogger required always depends on the following criteria:

  • Fogging relies on the use of an airborne disinfectant. The size of the area to be treated, its shape, and if it can be sealed off during the delivery of the disinfectant will determine the type of fogging cleaning machine and chemical required.
  • Speed is essential for most enterprises and organizations, and a good fogging machine should have the power to complete a large area in as little time as possible.
  • Soft furnishings absorb some chemicals during the fogging process, even if the machine is set to the finest droplet size, and this may be emitted for some time afterward. The safest fogger disinfectants, like APT’s VIROKILL Super Concentrate, are safe to use on soft furnishings. In cases where another product is used that is not deemed safe, all soft furnishings must be removed from the area to be misted. Both concentrations of VIROKILL are food safe, non-tainting, and bleach-free. They are compatible for use with all APT machines.
  • A chemical fogging machine produces micro-droplets of the recommended biocide. These droplets float in the air for about ten minutes after misting. As they slowly land on surfaces and penetrate hard-to-reach areas, they sanitise. Hence, a room that is being disinfected should be sealed off during misting and for a while afterward until the biocide settles and dries. This ensures that all airborne and infectious bacteria are killed.


Fogging Cleaning Machine And Safety Precautions

When fogging a room with VIROKILL RTU, you need to know that the atmospheric biocide bactericidal killer is effective and safe to use on all surfaces. It is tested and approved according to the standards required by the UK and Europe and passes BS EN 14476, BS EN 1276 & BS EN 13697. It is proven that VIROKILL 99.99% of airborne and infectious organisms within 5 minutes.

However, the use of a chemical fogger always requires following certain safety precautions. These include:

  • Wearing PPE while applying the vapour is essential. This includes a mask, gloves, and moisture-resistant outer clothing.
  • Rooms to be fogged must be sealed and the air conditioning turned off.
  • Depending on the atmospheric conditions in the room, the recommended re-entering time after fogging is anything from 20 to 40 minutes. Areas fogged at the end of the working day can be left sealed overnight for greater effectiveness.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and their recommended disinfectant when using a fogging machine.
  • After fogging, the machine needs cleaning before storing.


Fogging Machine Cleaning - Choosing APT’s Best Model For Your Needs

An even application of the vapour and the correct concentration is vital for achieving the best levels of disinfection. Nozzle adjustment ensures the right size of the micro-drops, allowing them to float and settle. All surfaces must be dry before an area is re-used.


Fogging Cleaning Machine And Droplet Size

Cold and Electrostatic foggers can disperse both wet and dry fog. The size of the droplet and the volume of the spray is the difference between wet and dry fog. This can be regulated by the nozzle on all APT foggers. On a normal setting, a droplet size of 20 - 30 microns is considered wet fog. This is the recommended method for disinfection, mould control, and insecticide use.

Droplets between 10 - 15 microns are considered dry fog. The tiny size of these droplets allows them to spread over larger areas, but may not ensure complete coverage. A second application is often needed.


Electrostatic Foggers

Electrostatic Fogger

Electrostatic fogging sprays an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces. The same solution is used, but as it passes through the nozzle it is combined with air and atomized by the electrode. These foggers are pricier, but the chemical fogger generates charged droplets that repel one another but seek out surfaces to cling to. They offer fast and effective fogging.

Choosing the best chemical fogger machine is not too difficult from the models available at APT, but if you are not sure which is best for you, speak to one of the experts on the team for advice.


What Is The Best Chemical Fogging Machine?

Each fogging machine is designed to best serve different needs. Deciding on the best fogging cleaning machine is not too difficult if you know what areas you need to clean.

Large Spaces With High Ceilings

FO-500 Fogger Machine  Storm Cat 7 Fogging Machine

Business centres, leisure and entertainment facilities, churches, schools, and stadiums usually have large areas to cover with high ceilings. To achieve proper levels of disinfection, they need a fogger that has a reach of about 8 to 10 metres.

Two excellent models are the Storm Cat7 and FO-500, both have a reach of up to 10 metres.

Other features of the powerful, robust, and durable Storm Cat7 and FO-500 are that they both cover 32,000 cubic metres per tank. Of course, they have adjustable nozzles to regulate the spray volume and droplet size. The ideal setting for both machines is 30 microns.


Smaller Spaces With Lower Ceilings

MK4 Fogger Machine  EX2 Fogging Machine - Out Of Stock  Battery Operated Fogging Machine

There is no end to the types of smaller spaces where misting for disinfection can be used. These include hotel rooms, restaurants, offices, hospital rooms, surgeries, and care homes.

Depending on the areas, the choice of fogging machines includes the MK4 and the cordless Handheld Fogging Machine.

Even though the MK4 is a lightweight fogger that is easy to carry, it has a powerful reach of 8 to 10 metres. It is designed to rapidly disperse antiviral disinfectant into the air and treats all surfaces. Its nozzle can be regulated and has a range of 5 to 50 microns.

The EX2 has a 5-litre capacity that has a reach of 8 metres and rapidly completes all fogging tasks. Like all APT machines, it can disperse wet and dry fog because of its controllable nozzle that can be regulated between 5 and 50 microns.

Mobile fogging machines need to be battery-operated for better mobility and quick sanitising. The Handheld Fogging Machine is battery operated and has a precise nozzle with a 5 metre reach. This is ideal for smaller rooms, but also carriages and transport vehicles. It has a robust metal finish and low-noise levels.


Spaces With Intricate Surfaces

Electrostatic Fogger  Electrostatic Sprayer

Rooms with intricate surfaces and seating areas benefit far more from electrostatic fogging. These include gyms, retail outlets, nurseries, schools, and public transport. There are two models of battery-operated foggers to choose from and the electrostatic particles emitted from these machines can wrap around surfaces, providing complete disinfection and protection.

The Electrostatic Sprayer can evenly disinfect large areas, and you can complete a room in three minutes. This time-saving chemical fogger is extremely portable, easy to use, fast, and covers larger areas with less liquid.

For larger areas, the Electrostatic Fogger is a better choice. The fogger’s battery lasts for 3.5 hours when it is fully charged. A full charge only takes 90 minutes to complete. With a tank capacity of 10 litres and a 6-metre range, the Electrostatic Fogger can cover 2000 cubic metres with one tank in no time. The low-noise fogging cleaning machine is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.


Chemical Fogger - UK Law On Disinfectants

According to UK law, employers must always ensure they are not using substances harmful to people’s health. Employees responsible for using hazardous substances must be provided with instructions and training on the use of the substances and how to safeguard themselves and others.

Additionally, all biocides used to control harmful organisms must comply with the Biocide Products Regulation.


APT Remains The Fogging Specialists

Buying a reliable chemical fogging machine continues to be the best way to prevent all airborne viruses from spreading. Misting a room is also an ideal way to keep frequently-used surfaces free of other bacteria. Fogging saves far more time when compared to other cleaning methods, and reaches even the most difficult areas.

Looking for fogging machine cleaning in the UK? Then all you must do is call us at APT. We have sold thousands of foggers and are the trusted specialist and suppliers of the appropriate disinfectant. At APT our experts are knowledgeable and ready to share what they know with you. They will advise you on the best methods to adopt and how to apply the correct practices for preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Contact us for help and advice. Our fully trained staff are ready to help improve your experience.

Clean Work Environments And Reliable Cleaning Product Supplies

A clean work environment is vital for employee health and morale. However, it is also vital for the reputation of the organization. No matter which industry you are in, you need to know that when you are thinking of “finding trade cleaning supplies near me”, the products you decide to use must be trustworthy, reliable, and safe.


Finding Cleaning Supplies Near Me

Depending on the nature of your business, the cleaning supply products required will vary. Choosing the right products to get the place clean and to meet your industry standards is important to your business for the following reasons:


Better Performance And Improved Motivation

Clutter, dirt, and a messy environment are not very motivating for your employees and can hamper their work performance. Those hours spent at work are happier when completed in a clean workspace.


Reflects Positively On Your Company

Companies don’t only sell services and products but need to present a good image to potential customers. Dirty offices, examination rooms, or factory floors can tarnish your company’s reputation. So, “finding cleaning supplies” near me becomes easier when you look for reliable materials with a good reputation to get the job done properly.


Minimizes Hazards

The workplace is vulnerable to various hazards that can directly impact the safety of your employees and consumers.

Occupational hazards are those that can harm employees at work. Accumulated dirt on floors, surfaces, and lights can cause various problems. Slips and falls can be avoided by maintaining high standards of cleanliness, but this requires the correct cleaning products for your type of business.

Pest control is an important element in all workplaces, and even more so where there is food manufacturing involved. Storage and trash areas are especially vulnerable to the problem of pests, and cleanliness is the first step to controlling the problem.

Air filtration systems collect dust and vapors, and they must be kept clean otherwise they create an unsafe environment in your business.


Healthier Workplace

Dirty environments are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The new coronavirus pandemic raised awareness about the importance of ensuring all surfaces, especially those used frequently are disinfected and safe to use. Bathrooms, doorknobs, breakrooms, sinks, keyboards, telephones, and railings need frequent cleaning. There must also be a supply of disinfectant materials available in these all spaces for employees to use as needed.


Best Cleaning Products Supplies

Whether you are in the transport, engineering, food, repairs and maintenance, or healthcare sector, you need to know that the cleaning supplies you choose are efficient, reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Of course, your budget is also important. Companies are worried about saving money and also economizing on storage space. Highly concentrated cleaning materials allow you to only pay for the part that matters, you don’t need to pay to ship the water too!

The best cleaning products meet the safety standards set by the UK and European regulatory bodies.


Trade Cleaning Supplies Near Me

APT is the leading UK manufacturer and provider of cleaning product supplies that companies and institutions across the UK and Europe have come to rely on. Their range of products is designed to cover all types of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitising needs.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, APT is also trusted for its expert advice and product knowledge. They have become the first point of contact for advice when it comes to choosing the correct product and its application.

Each product is developed and manufactured under strict conditions to meet all safety regulations, making them safer for you and the environment.

Choosing cleaning supplies near me has never been easier than making the APT choice!

Best Cleaning Products Supplies For Your Business Needs

Entrepreneurs and business owners understand that cleanliness in the workplace is the cornerstone to a successful business. The cleaning needs of a business are constant, and allowing the situation to get out of hand can be damaging to any professional environment.


Importance Of Using Professional Cleaning Products

Some work environments are only seen by the employees and are rarely visited by clients. Others again have a frequent flow of customers, patients, students, etc. Whatever the situation at your business, you need to make sure your employees and clients are exposed to areas and surfaces that are cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Remember, first impressions count, and cleanliness is the first step in creating trust and instilling confidence in your products or services. A tidy and clean work environment elevates your brand and creates a more productive setting for your employees.

Floors, carpets, walls, windows, bathroom surfaces, food preparation areas, cafeterias, and equipment must always be perfectly clean. Also, cleanliness is vital on smaller items that are handled by lots of employees and visitors. These items include things like handles, elevator buttons, phones, and keyboards.

Drains can also pose a health hazard in the workplace if they are not kept clean and unblocked. Also, rubbish collection areas need to be clean and tidy to prevent pest problems. The same applies to storage areas.

Air quality is vital to the health of workers in confined spaces. Airborne pollutants increase indoors, and air-conditioning and air-filtering systems need to be maintained and cleaned regularly.

Dust accumulates on all surfaces, and it can aggravate respiratory conditions among employees and clients. Additionally, cleaning machinery, equipment, and floors, especially from grease can be a difficult task unless the correct degreasers are used.

Commercial cleaning products are specially manufactured to ensure you tackle all these issues. The best ones are highly concentrated to allow you to save money and storage space.


Cleaning Chemicals For Various Industries

Maintaining a level of cleanliness in any professional environment cannot be done with ordinary household cleaners, nor with cheap cleaning products of questionable origin.

Professional cleaning services are a good solution for some companies, but most prefer to have permanent cleaners. Whatever your industry, cleaning cannot only be superficial, because you want to prevent breeding grounds for germs and bacteria throughout your enterprise.

Whether you are in the transport industry, heavy or light manufacturing, building and maintenance; health care industry, or food and accommodation, every area of your facility must be well-maintained and spotlessly clean.

Cleaning chemicals are created for specific tasks, and it's important to match them to the task needed for the safety of all concerned.

Combating the spread of disease and maintaining cleanliness in all these industries requires the use of professional cleaning products, regular cleaning, and a focus on frequently touched and used areas.

Cleaning comes before sanitization. Thereafter, employees need proactive action to ensure the workplace stays clean during the day. They should also follow the necessary hand hygiene protocols during the workday.

Electrostatic fogging is one of the fastest ways to regularly clean and sanitise larger, difficult-to-clean areas. This needs to be done with professional cleaning chemicals which ensure it’s effective and allows the area to quickly be available for use again.


Best Commercial Cleaning Products

Finding the best commercial cleaning products is not too difficult in the UK and Europe. APT is the trusted supplier of several large and small commercial industries. It also supplies both private and public institutions.

APT has been developing and manufacturing cleaning chemicals for 30 years. Their reputation is the guarantee that they supply the best commercial cleaning products for faster and safer cleaning in all commercial and professional environments. These are manufactured to the highest standards and are highly concentrated for easier shipping and storage.

Customer support is another area APT excels in. APT offers unlimited advice, whether you are confused about the most suitable cleaning chemicals or how it is best applied.

Fight dirt and grime with the best commercial cleaning products!

Bulk Buying Cleaning Products UK - Environmental Concerns

Why It’s Better To Bulk Buy Cleaning Products?

Commercial, health, and industrial environments are areas usually frequented by employees and clients throughout the day. Keeping these areas free of grime, dust and other harmful contaminants is essential, ensuring a healthy environment for all concerned.

Besides keeping the general meeting areas free of garbage, dust, and germs, commercial environments also need to ensure that frequently touched surfaces like faucets, doorknobs, and phones are also kept clean. Additionally, the vents of heating and cooling systems need to be cleaned regularly, and drainage systems must be maintained to prevent blockages.

APT is the leading manufacturer and supplier of professional cleaning products in the UK. They have 30 years of experience, and their bulk buy cleaning products UK are trusted by a diverse range of industries and medical facilities, including industries across Europe.


Professional Cleaning Products Contribute To A Cleaner Workplace

Cleaning plays an essential role in our health. It not only effectively helps remove germs, contaminants, and allergens from the areas we frequent daily, but professional cleaning products are specially formulated to ensure the effortless and effective cleaning and disinfecting of these environments.

Professional cleaning products are formulated to reach dirt in hard-to-reach areas and they can remove ingrained dirt from even the most difficult surfaces. These include brick walls, paving, machinery parts, and oily driveways.


Bulk Cleaning Supplies - The Economical Solution

Whether a business is in the transport, engineering, manufacturing, health, or the food industry, regular cleaning is vital. Bulk cleaning supplies are not only more effective than normal residential cleaners but are also more economical.

APT has a range of quantities and sizes in each product range. These can match the bulk cleaning needs of any entity, regardless of its size. Many products have super-concentrated formulas, meaning that when they are diluted with water, they can clean huge areas at a good price.


Bulk Buy Cleaning Products - Proper Formulations

The correct product formulations of commercial cleaners are important because of the environments they are used in. These are manufactured to conform to the safety standards set by regulatory bodies. Proper formulations ensure cleaning is effortless because the products target the type of cleaning they are indicated for, whether this is degreasing, surface cleaning, drain cleaning, or disinfecting.

Additionally, the special formulations of bulk cleaning products offer deeper cleaning because they are applied with the right cleaning tools. Professional cleaning tools are designed to get the job done properly, whether it is the cleaning of an industrial floor, degreasing a vital piece of machinery equipment, or preparing a surface for repainting.


Bulk Buying Cleaning Products UK - Environmental Concerns

Most manufacturers of cleaning products know that one of the biggest environmental concerns right now are packaging materials, and cleaning products sold in bulk generate less waste. That is why APT has various sizes available in its bulk buying cleaning materials. Some of their products are available in bulk packing of 25 litres or more.

Public safety is a major concern, and APT aims to develop safe, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable formulations wherever possible. Information about the ingredients and safety information is available for all the cleaning products in the range.

Their bulk buy cleaning products are safe to use but as with all chemicals must be handled with caution. Even the safest chemicals can be toxic if large amounts are ingested or absorbed by the body because they may need various solvents to get the job done.

APT’s bulk buy cleaning supplies UK offers a diverse range of professional cleaning supplied for a safer and healthier work environment. They are safe to use because they are environmentally safe and never leave any dangerous residues as they remove contaminants from surfaces, air vents, and drains. The instructions must be closely followed, because some may need rinsing, while others don’t.

Cleaner businesses, offices, and facilities mean the reduced spread of diseases and fewer sick days among employees. Bulk buy cleaning products are the best way to ensure cleanliness and a safer environment for employees and visitors.

Why Shop Wholesale Cleaning Products?

Shopping for commercial cleaning products wholesale has become easier now than ever before. Several companies have a range of cleaning products for you to view online, and you can order them directly from their websites.  APT is a UK company that manufactures and sells professional cleaning products wholesale for all industries, including hospitals, heavy industries, and food production companies.

There are several advantages to buying wholesale cleaning supplies from reputable suppliers. Firstly, companies can save money and time. Secondly, they have the advantage of being able to pick from a product range that has industry-specific cleaning supplies that meet their specific cleaning needs. These products also meet health and safety compliance standards.


Wholesale Cleaning Products - Selection

Cleaning supplies include a wide range of products that meet the needs of various industries. Whether you need a general cleaner, industrial floor cleaner, degreaser, bathroom cleaners, drain cleaners, concentrated kitchen cleaner, etc. you must buy from a reputable manufacturer and supplier. Hotels and medical and educational institutions also need to purchase professional laundry powders and dishwasher tablets to their list of cleaning supplies.

Other wholesale cleaning products enterprises often need to source include hand cleaning and surface cleaning wipes, various heavy-duty cleaning cloths, industrial wiping cloths, scourers, disposable garbage bags, and gloves.

When companies look for commercial cleaning products wholesale, they also look for a supplier who stocks a full range of products in the sizes that suit their needs. Bulk packaging saves them money, is more environmentally friendly, and are easier to store.

They also expect their supplier of commercial cleaning products wholesale to have good quality supplies that meet the stringent safety standards set by health bodies and legislation. All enterprises are also concerned about the length of time cleaning tasks take. The best wholesale cleaning products are manufactured to perform cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently.

There is no room for cutting corners where cleaning is concerned. Whether you need general cleaners, sanitising wipes, or specific cleaners for kitchens or bathrooms, these need to perform for you.

APT has been researching and producing wholesale cleaning supplies for 30 years now. These are manufactured for the commercial market and are preferred by satisfied clients across the UK and Europe. All the commercial cleaning products wholesale in the APT range are safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.


Wholesale Cleaning Products - Prices

The prices of wholesale commercial cleaning products are very important for businesses. Because they are buying in high volumes, suppliers of professional cleaning products can offer them excellent value for highly effective products.

Each product manufactured by APT is highly concentrated and tested to ensure perfect cleaning performance. Bulk pricing ensures you get the best cleaning materials at the most affordable prices for your enterprise. This means that a small amount goes a long way, and most cost less than 5p per litre. Fast-acting, all-in-one products that have multi-purpose uses are also bactericidal. These types of general cleaners are ideal for the quick removal of various types of dirt and grease, and they reduce staff confusion and errors.


Commercial Cleaning Products - Availability

Ordering wholesale cleaning products should be easy and fast. With APT you can order from the website for fast delivery. Choose the cleaning supplies you need, and then choose the quantity. Your order is processed immediately for a quick deliver


Service Excellence

Whatever wholesale cleaning supplies your business needs - whether it is for a healthcare facility, food processing plant, or heavy engineering - APT offers service excellence every time. Each product comes with excellent customer support to ensure your facility meets all the required hygiene standards for your industry. Whether you need to know which cleaning product is suitable for your industry or how to use it, there is always helpful support available.


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Cleaning Products Manufacturers

Cleaning Products Manufacturers UK

Cleaning products manufacturers make and distribute these products to various industries and they the most reliable manufacturers want to ensure these are effective. Commercial cleaning supplies must meet the requirements of health and safety regulations, and their chemical formulations must be safe in the environments they are used in, including hospitals, educational facilities, food manufacturing plants.

Industrial cleaning products require specific formulations for very industry-specific cleaning needs. Cleaning in some industries does not necessarily only consist of heavy-duty tasks like degreasing of machine parts or general cleaning. Some companies, like those manufacturing electronics and aerospace supplies, also require precision cleaning formulations for electronics, special lenses, etc.

Additionally, environmental concerns require manufacturers of industrial cleaning products to carefully screen the chemicals and packaging they use to ensure that everything has the smallest environmental impact.


Reliable supplies Of Commercial Cleaning Products

Even though most smaller businesses have simpler cleaning needs, and for some a good general cleaner that disinfects does the job, other industries have very specific cleaning requirements.

Once these products are developed, the cleaning process and methods of application are also researched. As the various industries start to use these specialized industrial cleaning products, they also want to know that they will have a reliable supply of them.


Industrial Cleaning Products And New Product Development

The continuous development and improvement of commercial cleaning products are vital. This requires ongoing research to ensure companies can develop the specific products that meet their requirements.

Sourcing the perfect raw materials for industrial cleaning products is an important part of the manufacturing process. The best cleaning products manufacturers make sure they are aware of new materials and other important developments that can help them produce highly effective cleaning products at competitive prices.

The formulations of industrial detergents, disinfectants, and surfactant compounds for easier rinsing require specialized equipment for blending. The manufacturing of the final product requires up-to-date machinery New product development also necessitates research into their application and dispensing methods.

Industry leaders make sure they meet the legislative compliances of regulators in the UK and the  European Union. The regulations concern the formulations of the final product, the packaging, and labelling, which must also have safety instructions.


Commercial Cleaning Supplies and Cost-Effective Solutions

Developing and producing industry-specific cleaning supplies requires a lot of research and machinery, at quite a cost. Cleaning products manufacturers know that even though they must invest a lot into development, once an effective product is available, it has the potential to become a top-seller.

However, they are also aware that they need to offer cost-effective solutions to the customers they serve. Developing super-concentrated cleaning products is one of the best ways to ensure economical solutions for all commercial cleaning applications. These products also require less packaging and storage space.


APT - Why Choose The Best Cleaning Products Manufacturers?

APT is the best cleaning products manufacturers in the UK. The company has 30-years of experience in the manufacturing and supplying of commercial cleaning products. APT continues to reliably supply some of the most significant public and private enterprises across the UK and Europe.

The team at APT provides cost-effective and highly-reliable solutions for all the major industries. An important part of the team includes the consulting chemists and technicians. These are the people that play a major role in the research and development of the company’s cleaning products manufacturing.

Nothing is possible without APT’s highly trained sales team. They are readily available and can be contacted by email or phone for free advice on the right chemical products and their applications. Their product knowledge is second to none, and their proud team is the first point of contact for recommendations for commercial and industrial cleaning products and machinery advice.

Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes And Their Proven Effectiveness Against Bacteria

70 Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes And Their Proven Effectiveness Against Bacteria

Different strains of viruses, including the coronavirus, can effectively be reduced with frequent hand washing using soap and water. Surfaces and equipment also need to be disinfected frequently.

The use of disinfectants and antimicrobial solutions are sometimes the most practical solution in situations where frequent hand and surface cleaning is required.

Studies have shown that alcohol saturated wipes are even more effective than some alcohol-based hands rub when it comes to killing some germs. They are also more effective on surfaces than cleaning them with reusable cloths, as they avoid cross contamination.

Why Use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe?

Isopropyl alcohol is commonly used as a disinfectant in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and other environments because it is known for its cleaning and disinfecting properties.

Solutions of between 60% and 90% isopropyl alcohol and purified water are best when it is used for disinfection. Solutions with less than 60% do not produce the same bactericidal effects, we do not recommend using any sanitiser with a higher than 70% alcohol base. Therefore, the most effective concentrations are 70%, with the World Health Organization recommending 70% as the most effective concentrations to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can either contain ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. Both these are amphiphile chemical compounds and have a property that allows them to bond with and break down water-based membranes. This disrupts the protein structures suspended in the water of viruses and forces the molecules in the membranes and proteins to bond with the molecules in the alcohol.

Single-celled microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses, are mostly composed of water, and have fatty proteins within them, making alcohol an incredibly effective sanitizing agent. Cells exposed to alcohol are destroyed within seconds.

Studies have shown that alcohol is effective against SARS-CoV-2, an enveloped virus, and can be used on both hands and surfaces for sanitising and disinfection.

Therefore, Sani Wipes 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes can kill 99.99% of all known germs and destroy the fatty spere of the coronavirus.

Disinfecting Hands and Surfaces with Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes 70

Hand washing is one of the most effective methods to disinfect and sanitise hands, but the rule says that it doesn’t work unless the hands are washed for at least 20 seconds with soap. In the absence of soap and water, or when hands need to be sanitized quickly, isopropyl alcohol wipes are the most effective way to ensure they are germ and virus free.


Heavy-traffic areas with frequently touched surfaces need regular cleaning with disinfectants. Medical grade disinfectant wipes are especially useful in hospitals, surgeries, care homes, schools, and gyms. The most effective way to clean surfaces in these facilities is with isopropyl alcohol wipes 70. The surfaces that can thoroughly be disinfected with these wipes include:

  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Bed frames
  • Wheelchairs and other mobility apparatus
  • Gym equipment
  • Desks
  • Chairs and benchtops
  • Electronic equipment and keyboards
  • Phones and other communication devices

Minimising the risk of infection is also important for people who carry out maintenance and repairs to various facilities, whether they are in the health, educational, and business sectors. Isopropyl alcohol wipes are an essential item needed by those working in the field. They can be used to wipe off surfaces before they work, sanitising their hands before and after entering facilities, and sanitise steering wheels and other equipment before and after performing their maintenance tasks.


Best 70 Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes

Sani Wipes are the premium 70 isopropyl alcohol wipes by APT UK. Besides killing 99.99% of harmful bacteria within a few seconds, they are also pH balanced, dermatologically tested, and contain skin softeners. The isopropyl wipes are lint-free wipes and safe to use on all surfaces.

Ideally priced for bulk purchases, isopropyl alcohol 70 wipes are resealable to prevent them from drying out. They come in triple-sized packaging of 120 wipes each. The wipes are generously sized (16 cm x 18 cm), perfect for effective disinfecting of hands and surfaces.

Do Alcohol Free Hand Sanitisers Work?

The Argument For Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser And Antibacterial Wipes

Antiviral hand sanitisers and antibacterial wipes have become a commonly used item these days in all well-frequented places. There are two choices, alcohol-based and alcohol-free with both choices having pros and cons.

Even though some argue that only alcohol-based sanitisers and antibacterial wipes are effective, there are some concerns about their excessive use. Nurseries, schools, tertiary learning institutions, and places of worship each have various concerns about using alcohol-based sanitising products.


Why Is It Better To Use Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Products In Some Situations?

After hand washing, the use of alcohol-based sanitisers and antibacterial wipes is often recommended as the next effective hand sanitising method. However, these often raise concerns and are recommended for use in all situations.


Toxic Upon Ingestion

Children are especially vulnerable to ingesting toxic materials. The current need to have antibacterial hand sanitiser gel freely available in accessible locations requires extra caution. Most containers these come in are easy to open, and everyone is encouraged to use antibacterial hand sanitiser frequently.

The consumption of high levels of alcohol can lead to poisoning in both children and adults, and alcohol-based sanitisers and wipes have high concentrations of alcohol.


Alcohol And Dermatitis

The excessive use of alcohol-based products to sanitise the hands eventually strips off the natural oils in the skin. This leads to dryness and cracking because the skin loses its protection. Skin irritations can occur and can often lead to dermatitis.


Active Ingredients In Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

Non-alcohol hand sanitiser and anti-viral hand sanitiser use active anti-microbial formulas that can kill up to 99.99% of all germs and viruses in the same amount of time as an alcohol-based product. A recent study demonstrated that the main ingredient used, benzalkonium chloride, has the same bactericidal action and efficacy as alcohol-based products.


Benefits Of Non-alcohol Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel Products

  • Non-flammable and is particularly safe for use in public buildings
  • Prevents alcohol consumption or poisoning and is preferred in places of learning and religious centres
  • Kind to the skin because it prevents dryness making it ideal for frequent use
  • It is non-corrosive and won’t harm any surfaces it falls on

Venues like schools, universities, daycare centres, care centres, nursing homes, religious centres, the food industry, and various detention centres all have their reasons why they would not want to make highly flammable, alcoholic products available. These facilities prefer the safer non-alcohol hand sanitisers and antibacterial hand sanitiser wipes available from APT, the UK based infection control company.



Alcohol-based sanitising products contain one of two active ingredients: alcohol or isopropyl. However, for them to be completely effective, directives from health bodies like The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Federal Drug Agency (FDA) of the U.S. require that they have at least 60%.

Seven Die Drinking Coronavirus Hand Sanitiser Alcohol Ran Party, Russia - Daily Mail Online

How To Choose The Best Fogger Machines For Disinfectant Fogging

How To Choose The Best Fogger Machines For Disinfectant Fogging

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for cleaner surfaces in areas frequented by employees and the public. Spray disinfectants can only clean and disinfect small areas at a time, can’t sanitise hard to reach areas and don’t kill airborne viruses.

Fogger machines make it easier to disinfect whole areas and are useful whether cleaning a small room or large public spaces. However, choosing the right fogging machine for the type of spaces you intend to disinfect is essential.


What Is A ULV Fogging Machine?

An Ultra-Low Volume or ULV fogging machine can generate high volumes of air at very low pressure. These machines can effectively be used to fog anything from small closed areas to large open areas with disinfecting chemicals or pesticides.

ULV foggers can usually disperse both dry and wet fog, depending on the droplet size required. Dry fog just means that the droplet size is smaller, usually 10 to 15 microns. A wetter fog, more like a mist, is produced with droplets that are between 20 and 30 microns.

The further you need the fog to spread, the smaller the droplets need to be. However, dry fogging is not as effective for disinfection applications. A wet fog with droplets larger than 20 microns thoroughly coats all surfaces.


What Factors To Consider When Choosing Foggers?

It can be challenging to buy fogger machines, especially if you are a first-time buyer. There are many machines available online, some local and some imported. Before buying a ULV fogger, consider the following factors, so you can be sure to buy a good and effective ULV fogger:

1.  Purpose

It will make a difference if you will be using the fogger indoors or outdoors because you will have to consider how far you need the fogger to spray, and what conditions you will be spraying under. You also need to consider what type of solution you will be spraying.

2.  Size And Ease Of Use

The most practical foggers are the portable machines that are easy to control. They have a a good capacity and can spray small and large spaces. However, if you have huge areas and need a machine with a big capacity, then we advise the FO-500 portable machine.

3.  Specifications And Maintenance

Smaller electrical foggers are best for indoor use, whereas larger thermal foggers are more suited for outdoor use. Electrical units come with variations in their output and they can be adjusted for both wet and dry fogging. They are lightweight, user friendly, and affordable. Most lightweight foggers do not have high-maintenance requirements.

4.  Reputable Supplier

It is vital to choose a fogger from a reputable UK supplier. Firstly, the fogger machine will be immediately available. Secondly, you are guaranteed service and parts should you have a problem with the fogger. Thirdly, you will have help if you are unsure which is the right machine for your needs.


APT Fogger Machines And Disinfectant Sprays

APT is the UK commercial chemicals manufacturer and supplier of fogger machines. With over 30 years of experience, they are the trusted suppliers to the NHS and other public and private institutions in the UK. Their range of portable fogging machines are bestsellers, and offer you the best disinfecting and sanitising solutions for all your spaces.

Typically for applications that require a more powerful machine with a reach of 8 - 10 metres, the suggested models are the FO-500 or Storm Cat 7. They are suitable for fogging applications in stadiums, lecture halls, business facilities, etc.

For smaller areas with lower ceilings like offices, restaurants and medical surgeries, you can choose models like the MK4 and EX2.

APT fogging machines are most effective when used with VIROKILL antiviral disinfectant. Available in a Ready to Use formula or Super-Concentrated, VIROKILL RTU is tested to both British and European standards and is manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2015. VIROKILL RTU is food safe, odour free and kills 99.9% of all known viruses and bacteria, including enveloped viruses like COVID-19.

Fogging Machines UK - Buying From A Reputable UK Company

Fogger Machines UK - Buying from a Reputable UK Company


Ensuring a safe return to work, schools and public areas has resulted in many industries in the UK considering the purchase of a fogger machine for the first time. However, even though fighting the spread of the coronavirus, and other germs may be a first for some industries, others have years of experience in using foggers.


Understanding Disinfectant Fogging

The process of disinfectant fogging entails spraying a whole area with a special microbial substance to remove pathogens from the air and surfaces. This is usually done in high-risk areas, and a fogging machine is used. Fogging is mostly aimed at airborne pathogens, because they are particularly difficult to wipe away from surfaces. Respiratory droplets from the flu virus and COVID-19 are some examples of airborne pathogens.

Usually, the area to be fogged is sealed off, and once the fogging spray has been applied to remove the pathogens, the room remains out of bounds until all the surfaces are dry. Thereafter, the area is germ free and ready to be used again.


Fogging Application Methods

There are three main types of application methods used, and these will also depend on the type of fogging machine to be used. The applications can be a dry, wet, or electrostatic fog and the only thing that changes with these three methods is the size of the droplet.

The smaller the droplet, the drier the fog will be. Larger droplets are better for applications that entail disinfecting, but they are also used for insect and mould control and where targeted fogging is required.

Electrostatic fogging is when a specialized solution is atomized in combination with the air and an electrode in the sprayer. This generates a solution that seeks any surfaces in a room, and their positive charge allows them to cling and wrap around the surfaces they coat.


Choosing A Fogging Machine

Fogging machines are also not all equal. Trusted UK models are usually found from reputable companies and they come with full support and guarantees. Many foggers bought online do not come with any support, have no parts available, nor the expert advice required for fogging areas that are used by people daily. These machines also do not come with the correct disinfecting product nor and personal protection equipment (PPE).


Choosing Fogging Disinfectant

The terminal disinfectant used in a fogging machine is an important element for effective fogging. It must be suitable to the task it is chosen for. A good disinfectant must be able to kill up to 99.9% of all harmful airborne bacteria and infectious organisms on surfaces.

Not all antiviral disinfectants are safe to use, and consumers need to scrutinize their certificates. There are certain standards that need to be adhered to and if the disinfectant is to be used in areas where food manufacturing and processing is done, it also needs to be food safe.

Additionally, anti-viral disinfectants that claim to offer prolonged antimicrobial protection for weeks on end must be considered with some scepticism because it is highly unlikely to be true. The conditions they are tested on in laboratories do not reflect the same conditions in areas requiring daily sanitising and cleaning.


Best Fogger Machines UK And Disinfectant Liquid UK

APT is the company that has been offering environmentally safe cleaning solutions to the UK business and public sector for over 30 years. It has a range of fogging machines that can cover from the smallest spaces to large industrial areas. Also included in the range is an electrostatic fogging machine.

Full support and expert advice accompany the sale of each fogging machine and they also include free PPE pack to start with.

APT also supplies VIROKILL, the super concentrated antiviral disinfectant that is scientifically designed for fogging machines. The food safe terminal disinfectant complies with BS EN14476, EN1276 & EN 13697 and is highly effective against a broad spectrum of enveloped viruses.

As businesses, industries, schools, and public areas across the UK prepare to accept more people, a routine that combines fogging, good cleanliness and other hygiene practices will ensure that everyone can stay safe in future.