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Bleach Products

Bleach or bleach tablets?

Buying the right bleach for your medical business is crucial; at APT we only supply industrial strength bleach, this ensures that it kills a wide range of pathogenic bacteria. When you regularly use our strong bleach you can be assured that your surfaces, drains, toilets and sluices are germ free giving you peace of mind.

Our strong bleach is available in two formats, traditional liquid form and tablet form. The tablets provide you with an exact measured dose each time, without the worry of spillage or splashes from pouring the concentrated liquid bleach.

Concentrated bleach for economy

When you use APT’s industrial bleach you’ll find a little goes a long way, giving you greater value for money.

Because our cleaning bleach is concentrated we highly recommend that you only use the required dose of this powerful bleach to keep your surfaces, drains, toilets and sluices perfectly clean and smelling fresh.

Prevent bacterial build-up

With regular use of our strong bleach, you will stop the build up of bacterial slime and fungi at your premises. Industrial strength bleach disinfects drains, waste pipes and can also be used for cleaning floors, walls and most hard surfaces. It is widely used for laundering bed linen for stain removal.

The perfect professional cleaning bleach

t is so important to make the right impact when people visit your premises and by using our range of bleach products you are guaranteed just that. Our range covers:

  • industrial bleach
  • urinal blocks
  • concentrated chlorine tablets
  • disinfectants
  • air fresheners
  • hard surface cleaners and consumables

You can buy your bulk bleach on line too. 

How does bleach cleaner do its dirty work?

For 200 years, chlorine bleach has been the chemical of choice for obliterating germs, but scientists are just beginning to uncover how it kills bacteria and other microbes. A team of molecular biologists has now revealed part of the process by which bleach eliminates microbes.  They discovered that hypochlorous acid, the active ingredient in bleach, attacks proteins in bacteria, causing them to clump,  much like an egg that has been boiled!

Order your bleach online now or talk to our expert team for advice on which products are the best for your application - 01495 308048.