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Barrier Cream

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Barrier Cream

What Is Barrier Cream

Barrier cream has long been a vital line of defence against dermatitis and other skin diseases in medical and industrial environments.

But with the arrival of MRSA and the increased incidence of the gastric 'winter vomiting bug' aka. norovirus, medical staff need increased protection. Gloves are one solution, however, barrier creams can aid in the battle. They are less wasteful and more environmentally friendly too.

APT have brought the humble barrier cream into the 21st century. By using an advanced germicidal formula, APT barrier cream protects against bacteria and viruses by destroying the germs before they even come in contact with your skin.

But that's not all, they protect against oil, grease, solvents and other contaminants too and you can buy APT hand barrier cream in a convenient pump action or aerosol container.


Quality Barrier Creams And Unparalleled Support

Years of experience stands behind our easy-to-use barrier cream for hands exposed to bacteria and viruses; dirt, paint, resins, tar, oil, grease and other media. They are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients so you can be assured that you are buying a product that works effectively every time.

As if that wasn’t reassuring enough, you can count on our customer support team for advice whenever you need it. We’re more than just an industrial barrier cream stockist – we’re an experienced partner for safe hand care and hand cleaning.


Multi-purpose Products In One Container

We’re sure you’ll like how our barrier creams for hands do several things. For example, our Safeguard barrier cream also contains nourishing lotions to fight cracking, dryness and skin irritation. There’s more too - all our creams are pH balanced and hypo-allergenic so they’re suitable for all skin types.


Buy your barrier cream online today or talk to our team of hand-care experts on 01495 308048 for further advice!