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Aqueous Degreaser

Water Based Cleaning and Degreasing

Our aim here at APT Cleaning Supplies is to not just manufacture high quality cleaning products that provide the best results for our clients, but to also offer cleaning products which are affordable, safe to use and environmentally friendly. This is why we are so proud of the range of water based aqueous degreasing products we have available for you to purchase online.

What Water Based Cleaning and Degreasing Products Are Available?

We're pleased to say that we have a varied range of water based cleaning and degreasing products available for you to select from. These include the following -

  • Metasoak - Aluminium Cleaner & Aqueous Degreaser.
  • 2001 Safety Cleaner - Aqueous Degreaser and Hard Surface Cleaner.
  • Super 10 - Concentrated Oil Remover & Degreaser.
  • Aximax - Industrial Floor Cleaner, Multi Surface Degreaser.
  • Plus much more!

Aqueous degreaser-

Deciding which water based cleaning and degreasing product is right for you depends upon what surfaces or equipment require cleaning. However, for your convenience, full descriptions can be found alongside each product to help make the decision that bit easier.

From previous customer feedback we are confident that you won't be disappointed with whichever fast acting water based cleaning and degreasing products you purchase directly from us at APT Cleaning.

Please contact us on 01495 308 045 if you have any questions about the water based cleaning and degreasing products we have available. Our dedicated customer advisors will be happy to assist you to ensure you are purchasing the correct cleaning products for your requirements.