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Anti Foam

Antifoam Agents

APT develop cost effective antifoam compounds that can help solve the everyday problems of engineering companies and manufacturers, saving them time and money.

Time and money that is wasted because foam in coolants and processing liquids can cause various kinds of problems:

  • Overflowing vessels
  • Reduction of pump efficiency
  • Bacterial growth
  • Dirt flotation
  • Reduced effectiveness of the degreaser or coolant
  • Downtime to clean tanks
  • Incomplete drainage
  • Material rejection due to manufacturing or processing imperfections


How to select the right antifoam or defoaming agent

You need to consider many factors such as temperature and the material that is foaming for example, a fluid is needed for non-aqueous cooling or degreasing solutions whilst a silicone based emulsion defoamer is better for aqueous systems.


Silicone based defoamer for better performance

APT antifoams are silicone based. These consistently out perform inferior quality non-silicone products. They work quickly because powerful hydrophilic chemicals disperse the antifoam emulsion rapidly throughout the solution.

Silicones have very low surface tension and since it is surface tension that creates and maintain a foam, the bubbles collapse. Your foam problem disappears and productivity can resume at normal speed.

Buy your antifoam now online. If you are not sure which one you require, talk to our friendly experts on 01495 308 048