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Algae Remover, Moss Killer

Algae remover - One chance to make a good first impression

Creating a good first impression for visitors and potential new clients is important to your marketing strategy. Many companies create plush and welcoming interior spaces but then neglect the outside. Imagine what impression important visitors have as they approach along access roads that are more moss than tarmac. What do they think as their feet slip and slide on a car park that has not been cleaned for years? Then as they see cladding that is black with algae as they reach the entrance door, the image is completed. Your sales force's job has just become that bit harder.


Easy and effective moss and algae management

APT algae removal products are highly concentrated (use diluted at a rate of 10:1 for heavy soiling, 20:1 for light soiling), 100% biodegradable and manufactured from the highest quality raw materials but with economy always in mind. You can therefore benefit from a premium algae removal or moss killer at an affordable price. They are suitable for use on all outside hard surfaces:


How to safely remove algae from -

  • walls
  • roofs
  • cladding
  • pathways
  • ramps
  • steps
  • car parks
  • access roads

Algae cleaners and moss killers are simple to use and fast acting:

  • dilute
  • brush on
  • leave for 20 minutes
  • rinse off

 APT algae removal products for businesses can be used on a wide variety of different materials:

  • concrete cleaning
  • cladding cleaning
  • canopy cleaning
  • cleaning PVC facia and water goods
  • steps and cobbles
  • clean off slippery paving
  • restoring brick and cleaning stone
  • removing algae and killing moss from tarmac

We realise that it is not just algae and moss that need removing so we can supply you with a range of degreasers to deal with oil, fuel or graffiti paint too.


Cleaning partnership

APT are in the business of ensuring that your business can create a killer first impression - we not only supply many contract industrial cleaning companies but we also use our cleaning and maintenance products when our commercial cleaning teams carry out large and small building cleaning projects. Buying from APT means that you can benefit from decades of cleaning experience - we are as passionate as you about keeping your premises clean and offer free access to our team of experts, they are just a phone call away.

Buy your algae removal chemicals or moss killer online now or take advantage of free and friendly advice from our team of experts - call 01495 308048 NOW!