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Alcohol Hand Gel

APT are approved and trusted UK manufacturer of Alcohol Hand Gel. We are suppliers to the NHS, the Police and other front line services as well as 1000s of organisations across the UK. We offer a Price Match Guarantee on our Hand Gel Antibacterial. The formula is a superior grade and made of Isopropyl and not ethanol.

Alcohol Hand Gel

APT is proud to say that we have been serving our customers old and new for over 30 years. We are a principled company, manufacturing and supplying from ethical sources within the UK. We have all the appropriate certifications and insurances in place. We have consultant chemists who work with us to ensure conformity of product. At this unprecedented time please be careful who and what you are buying... stay safe APT Commercial Chemicals - Made in Britain


Alcohol Hand Gel

Steri Gel is a high quality sanitising gel formula, superior grade and made of Isopropyl and not ethanol. Also manufactured in the UK. This hand gel has been used throughout this outbreak to support the frontline services NHS, Government Bodies, The Police and thousands of Businesses.

APT's unique formula of hand gel antibacterial contains the highest germicidal properties to kill 99.999% of all germs. A solution of over 70% alcohol as recommended by WHO and Government Health Organisation for hand sanitation.

The antibacterial hand cleaning formula is a scientific blend of bactericides and skin conditioners in an alcohol base. Steri Gel hand sanitiser combats the risk of cross-contamination while leaving a residual biocide for maximum cleanliness.

The Importance Of Genuine, British Manufactured Alcohol Hand Gel

 Compliant with BS EN1276 and EN1500
 Manufactured in the United Kingdom
 Surgical grade 70% alcohol hand sanitiser
 Kills 99.999% of all bacteria
The formula is a superior grade and made of Isopropyl and not ethanol
 Designed to help eradicate infectious enveloped diseases
 Naturally balanced skin conditioners to protect sensitive skin
 Frequent use will not dry or damage the skin
 Safe to use in food production

Steri Gel is safe to use in the food production industry and has been widely used in hospitals, care homes, educational establishments, government bodies and transport. We also have supplied thousands to offices and retail sector.

Further Benefits Of Hand Gel Antibacterial

 The amount dispensed is controlled, reducing in-use costs
 It quickly spreads across and into the hands evenly
 Refillable containers to help reduce environmental impact
 Also used on hard surfaces and equipment to sanitise phones, trolleys, toilet seats, petrol pumps and door handles etc.