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Drain Cleaners – Choosing the Right Toilet Cleaners to Prevent a Blocked Drain

Drain Cleaners – Choosing the Right Toilet Cleaners to Prevent a Blocked Drain

There’s nothing quite as bad as a blocked drain or pipe in our experience. Whether at home or in a work setting a blocked drain will cause unpleasant smells, hygiene hazards for those in the vicinity and could end up costing quite a bit of money to fix.

Choosing the right products to clean drains is essential, as is choosing the right daily products for your washrooms to ensure an effective level of maintenance for your toilets, pipes and drains. Prevention is far better than cure and if you should set in place an effective cleaning routine using the right products and taking the correct level of care, a blocked drain or pipe should never have to take place.

Here we discuss how keeping your toilet and urinals in good health will lessen the potential future impact of a blocked drain.

The Problems of a Dirty Water System – Keep Your Toilet in Order

If you don’t regularly maintain the pipework linked to your toilets and bathrooms it can quickly become a problem. Urinals in particular often succumb to a build up of hair, uric crystals and limescale in the water. Eventually if the problem isn’t dealt with, this can cause the pipes to become blocked.

Another major problem found in many toilet areas, both public and industrial, is that the odour can become quite powerful in a nauseating way. Limescale and uric acid crystals will build up in a urinal or toilet. They will then only hold on to any lingering smells and bacteria, causing a really unpleasant smell that is difficult to shift.

We have all seen urinal blocks in toilets aimed at sanitising and deodorising the immediate area, but a preventative measure would be much more successful.

Commercial Toilet Cleaners

The first thing you should do to ensure your toilets, bathrooms and drains remain clean is to put in place a regular, daily if possible, cleaning routine. The bathroom is something that everybody needs to use on a daily basis and keeping the area as clean as possible is a priority that must be stuck to.

Our industrial cleaning chemicals and drain cleaners have been developed to kill 80% of bad odours at the source – add to that the quality of product and the inside knowledge of the industry that we have and drain and toilet cleaners from APT will save you time and money. You’ll never have to purchase urinal blocks and deodorisers again as we’ll help you prevent the bad smells in the first place.

Drain Cleaners as an Effective Regular Tool

Sometimes no matter what you try as a preventative measure a blocked drain still becomes a reality and it is good practice however to regularly clean your drains in all circumstances as the long term effects of no maintenance can be horrific for your finances and nostrils, as we’ve discussed.

We have a range of industrial drain cleaners that are concentrated and multi-purpose in many cases. So you can buy a high quality drain cleaner that combats grease, fat and oil, keeps away bad odours and fully cleans your drainage system. For a more in-depth look at how our team can help you, please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Water Based Degreaser – An Environmentally Friendly Choice of Degreaser

Water Based Degreaser – An Environmentally Friendly Choice of Degreaser

In the not too distant past industrial cleaning supplies, and especially degreasers, would have been solvent based only. This could be quite expensive for companies who required large quantities of products and had to ensure large areas were fully maintained and cleaned on a daily basis. Add to that the environmental impact of the substances used and the packages with which to deliver them and you can see why companies started to move away from them.

The Benefits of Water Based Degreasers

In our time we’ve always looked to continue to develop and improve our product range and our water based degreasers are no different. But why do we believe in water based degreasers to be a high quality choice of industrial cleaning product?

-          Concentrated and shipped in recyclable packaging to make it environmentally friendly

-          Concentrated products also means you get more for your money in the long term

-          Less invasive odours than from conventional degreasers

-          Gets hard to work instantly on tough grease and stains

-          Perfect to clean small parts, machines and surfaces within heavy industry

-          Can be used on a wide range of surfaces without the potential for damage

Different Water Based Degreasers for Different Surfaces

Thoroughly Clean Small and Important Parts

One of the major areas of cleaning which benefit from water based degreasers is the cleaning of parts. Whether machine parts or within the auto industry it can be difficult to find a cleaning product that will fully deal with grease, oil, dirt and grime in an effective way without ruining the surfaces or causing long term damage to the very thing you’re trying to clean.

Choose the Right Degreaser for the Surface You’re Cleaning

Aside from that you would be looking to purchase a different type of water based degreaser for aluminium surfaces than you would should you be requiring an industrial cleaning chemical which is good at removing rust and maintaining surfaces afterwards to prevent rust from forming. This type of cleaning is so important to certain industries as the problems rust can cause to a production line for instance is incalculable to some companies.

Cut Through Dirt, Grease and Oils with Ease

In food production units or areas where there has been plenty of oil and grease forming over the working hours, you require a cleaning product which can easily cut through the toughest of dirt and stains and leave behind a surface that looks brand new, is safe to use, and won’t hamper the preparations for the next working day.

Choosing the Right Water Based Degreaser

If you would like to talk to a member of our team about our range of water based cleaning products and degreasers, we would be more than happy to help. We appreciate that every person and company has a different outlook, budget, ideals and cleaning requirements and look to offer bespoke guidance and advice from person to person accordingly.

Water based cleaning has many benefits, from a green point of view and for your bank balance. We’ll be happy to talk you through each product and find a suitable water based degreaser that will go the extra mile for you. 

Parts Cleaner – Find the Perfect Range with APT

Parts Cleaner – Find the Perfect Range with APT

Cleaning requires more thinking than you’d first imagine. There are of course the general cleaning duties to contend with, a daily general clean that leaves areas fresh and shiny as if brand new. This is for a cosmetic and hygiene reason – with washrooms being a location on any site that requires a deeper clean, with specific cleaning chemicals to suit. The same can be said of any sort of machinery where you have to purchase parts cleaner.

Within our range of parts cleaners you’ll find something for you. It can be difficult without the knowledge of industrial cleaning products to fully clean the smallest areas and parts of machinery. It can also be a minefield. If you choose the wrong type of cleaning fluid when cleaning small and fiddly parts of machinery you could be in danger of:

-          Damaging surfaces

-          Leaving rust to build-up in hard to reach areas

-          Preventing a fully functioning machine through poor maintenance

-          Costing your company money due to all of the above

At APT we sell parts cleaner in various sizes and for various uses. You might have fiddly parts that require a deep clean. You can achieve that by soaking some parts in our cleaning chemicals. Others can be fully cleaned by using sprays to agitate loose dirt and rust to ensure all surfaces and hidden areas of machine parts are reached and cleaned.

We also understand that depending on what industry you’re in, and what type of parts and surfaces require cleaning, the fluid will change accordingly. Many people look at their budget first and attempt to take a short cut in all types of cleaning. Especially when it comes to parts cleaner this is folly – the wrong chemical could set you and your company back with a whole host of problems relating to the functionality of the machines and systems the parts were from.

By choosing the correct parts cleaner for your needs you are ensuring a smooth running operation and saving time and money in the long run when compared with choosing a general (or downright wrong) product to clean parts from the outset.

We believe in choice of quality products at APT Chemicals – and with our range of parts cleaners you’ll be able to find and purchase the correct cleaning chemical for your specific requirements. Add to that the in-depth knowledge and assistance you’ll receive from our customer service team and you’ll see why buying from a renowned industrial cleaning supplier is much more preferable to buying a general cleaning product in your local shop.

To discover more about our range of parts cleaners and to discuss your own needs and how we can help you, please feel free to contact us today. We’re always happy to guide and advise our customers on how our high quality cleaning chemicals have been developed for various industries and situations. So if you’re after an industrial parts cleaner for use on heavy machinery or something lighter that will clean small parts on your bicycle, we’ll be able to help.

Industrial Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants

Industrial lubricants are an essential product within many types of industry, especially for engineering companies or for work premises where machinery of all shapes, sizes and volume of production are in use on a daily basis. Choosing the correct industrial lubricant is an important choice to make as it can ensure either a smooth running operation on the factory floor, or cause problems further down the line that can disrupt production and cost a company time and money.

If you work within an environment where heavy machinery is involved and there are many working parts to keep running and prevent from being worn down too quickly, the cleaning chemicals you use becomes an important acquisition. Industrial lubricants can clean vital components of your working machinery and ensure that they are maintained at a high level of function for longer.

The wrong choice of industrial lubricants can damage machinery, delay production and cause long term problems for your company – so beware and take time to make the right choice.

Industrial lubricants perform a vital function – but what exactly do they do?


Keep Moving Parts Apart from Each Other

Moving parts in machinery are best kept away from each other. Industrial lubricants are used to keep moving parts separate. The lubrication acts as a thin barrier between the moving parts and this is essential, especially in heavy industry, to prevent on-going friction and surface fatigue. The right industrial lubricant in this situation will prevent over heating of parts that are coming into contact with each other in high pressure environments.

Clean & Maintain Machinery Parts

The cleaning side of a lubricant is also a vital function. Not only are you looking to prevent long term damage caused by high friction (see above) but you also need to choose and industrial lubricant which will clean the smallest areas of a machine. Some lubricants also contain anti-wear qualities to delay the natural process of machinery wearing down over time.

Prevent Rust

We have taken time to develop our industrial lubricants to ensure every base is covered. Our high quality lubricants have been formulated with corrosion prevention in mind, combined with additives that will prevent rust through the exclusion of moisture from the surface area once applied.

Wider Range of Industrial Lubricants

We understand at APT that a company that relies on machinery and manufacturing equipment 365 days per year has to make the correct choices when it comes to industrial lubricants. Breakdowns can and do happen and sometimes they are unavoidable, but choosing the highest quality of product to begin with will give you a better chance to keep a smooth running operation where machinery is involved.

You’ll find a wide range of industrial lubricants available in our store, from lubricating oils and greases, to specialist chemical degreasers. We have industrial lubricants that are suited to high temperatures and others that are completely safe to use on machinery in a food production area.

Our team has knowledge and expertise to help you make the right choices for your specific company, products and machinery. We are a well oiled machine and we can help you stay one too with industrial lubricants for all types of industry.

Different Applications of Ultrasonic Cleaners

Different Applications of Ultrasonic Cleaners


Ultrasonic cleaners are a rather revolutionary product that make use of ultrasound technology for the cleaning of many different types of materials across a broad range of industries.  Contaminants are eradicated from machinery parts by tiny micro bubbles produced by the chemical solvent, producing a high energy effect that can thoroughly and safely clean parts made of metals, plastics, rubbers, glass, ceramics, and many other materials.


Choosing the proper brand of ultrasonic cleaning fluid will depend on the four basic components of each brand:  mechanical energy, dwell time, temperature and chemistry.  The many brands of eco-friendly ultrasonic cleaners help to avoid potential surface damage to the machines being cleaned as well as the cleaning tanks, baskets, and filters used during the process.  While the engineering and manufacturing industries are the largest consumers of these types of cleaners, many other areas of business also use them as well.


Automotive Industry


The many intricate car parts that require tough cleaning processes are resulting in a huge increase in use of these brands of cleaners by the automotive industry.  Mechanics regularly use these ultrasonic cleaning fluids for cleaning everything from crank shafts to engine pistons, bearings, and gears.  Proper rinsing and drying practices are also strictly followed to ensure maximum results.


Medical and Optical Industries


Medical instruments and surgical tools require a very thorough cleaning before they can be reused again on another patient.  The healthcare industry uses ultrasonic cleaners on everything from surgical blades to injection needles, forceps, endoscope tubes, and several other types of medical devices that come in contact with the human body.  The optical industry even uses some of these brands of cleaners for eyeglasses and contact lens cleaning procedures.


Jewelry Industry


To demonstrate just how safe and effective these cleaning solvents are, the jewelry industry uses these cleaning agents on all types of very expensive jewelry, from bracelets to necklaces and wrist watches made of every type of metal imaginable, including both silver and gold.  The bubbling action of the ultrasonic cleaning fluid helps to get inside those tiny, ornate crevices that manual cleaning techniques are unable to reach. 


The Military


All branches of the United Stated Armed Forces use ultrasonic cleaners to clean everything from the individual mechanical parts of our jets and military tanks to cleaning the smaller individual components of our soldiers’ firearms.  Different solvents are used for each individual purpose, of course.  But as a result of the military’s increased acceptance and use of these ultrasonic cleaning fluids, police departments and fire stations around the country are now using them on a regular basis as well. 



The broad range of uses of these ultrasonic cleaners have led to their use in nearly all areas of industry and commerce.  Printing companies, air conditioning and heating companies, and all industries in electronics and digital technologies are now using environmentally friendly ultrasonic solvents as the preferred method of cleaning the tiny pieces and parts involved in their particular areas of commerce.  Choosing the proper brand of ultrasonic cleaner can be somewhat confusing.  Ask your friendly sales rep which brand is best for your particular needs.


The illusion of a cheap price

Commercial Chemicals – The Illusion of a Cheap Price 

We’re all on the look-out for the next bargain aren’t we? Whether at home or in work, as an individual or for the family, wherever you are the chances are you’ll be inundated with special offers and bargain prices; on the TV, radio and out on the street.

This is no different when it comes to commercial chemical supplies – you might be led to believe that what you’re looking at is incredible value at a really low price, but in all honesty is that really true???

Isn’t it better to spend a little more money on a specialist commercial chemical that you know will perform the task admirably and when spread over total usage will save you money?

Is a Cheaper Product Really Better Value?

It’s easy to think only about your budget when it comes to chemical cleaning supplies, especially if you are a start-up business or small firm with little leeway to make a mistake on a company purchase. We understand that there are small margins but here are a few reasons why you should consider paying that little bit more initially on a commercial cleaning chemical rather than the shiny product with the cheapest price tag you can pick up from the corner shop.

A commercial cleaning chemical will: 

-          Clean a surface more effectively than a cheaper product, saving you time and energy

-          Deliver a quality finish using less of the product, saving you money over time

-          Maintain surfaces, equipment and machinery to a high standard without damaging them

-          Where there is a necessity to kill bacteria APT’s products will ALWAYS do just that, complying with all health & safety requirements

-          A little goes a long, long way

-          Save you money in the long run – eg 5 litres of APT’s Citracleanse makes over 500 litres of chemical and costs only 0.03p per litre!!!

The positives far outweigh the negatives in terms of time, money and your personal energy. Why risk buying something that on the surface seems like good value, but could potentially damage the surfaces you are trying to clean, take up extra time as you have to put more elbow grease into an effective clean and use more product to get that gleaming end result we all crave.

The 99.9% Question!

One trick that you’ll see again and again on cleaning products is the line ‘Promises to kill 99.9% of all bacteria on surfaces’. Now, on the face of it this does look impressive of course, but when you think about the sheer numbers involved when you are talking about bacteria, and the speed with which they multiply, 99.9% doesn’t even begin to touch the surface of the problem.

What you’ll receive with a highly developed cleaning product made for commercial purposes, is a threat to 99.999% of harmful germs and bacteria on surfaces you are cleaning. In industries involving hospitality and food production this can make a huge difference and makes you realise the benefits of choosing a knowledgeable supplier with high quality products, as opposed to the quickest and cheapest cleaning chemical you can find on the shelf and which you’ve seen on your television set at home.


Industrial Cleaning Supplies Provide Quality & Value

At APT Chemicals we understand the pressures involved in buying bulk commercial chemical supplies – you’ve got to think about the bottom line for your business but with a slight tweak of your mindset away from what the everyday marketer wants you to see and you’ll discover the real value comes with purchasing industrial chemical cleaning supplies from a source you can trust.

We have experience in developing commercial cleaning chemicals that are real value for money, coming in as little as 0.03p per litre in some cases. And with our knowledge we can advise on the right commercial cleaning chemicals for your specific requirements. All you have to do is ask and our customer service team will be happy to help.

Industrial Cleaning Supplies – A Beginners Guide

For companies of any size and stature their cleaning regime is an important aspect of the day to day running of the business and should never be underestimated. At first, a start-up company might continue to buy products straight off the shelf of the local cornershop or supermarket, but this is a nonsensical approach in the mid to long term for any business. Purchasing industrial cleaning supplies will save money, time and provide a higher quality of product with which to perform the tasks at hand.

With that in mind why would you risk not buying industrial cleaning products?

Specific Industrial Cleaning Chemicals for Your Requirements

Let’s take an example of a food production unit or factory. Each day during a shift the counters, machines and floors are likely to become covered in general dirt but also stubborn grease and food based oils. If you haven’t got a link to industrial cleaning supplies you might just have bought large quantities of a general cleaning product with which to clean.

This is a big mistake. A non-specific cleaning chemical might not work properly or you might have to use much larger quantities of it in order to see a real difference to the surface you are cleaning. Also, you could end up damaging the surfaces by using the wrong type of cleaning product. In a food production area you would be better served in purchasing bulk industrial cleaning products that have been developed for your specific needs.

At APT for example we have a range of high quality industrial degreasers that are used in such environments. It will clean the most stubborn grease and oil from services, leaving a shiny and brand new looking food production area, without damaging anything in the process.

Industrial Cleaning Supplies will Stretch Further

If you have a specific task at hand your industrial cleaning supply should reflect this by giving you products that will thoroughly complete the cleaning job and save you money by lasting longer than a general cleaning product, just as the industrial degreaser will.

You’ll see a noticeable difference between using general cleaning products and specific industrial cleaning products in the sheer value for money. Buying scientifically developed products that are of the highest quality, in bulk, will last you much longer than a general cleaning product bought straight off the shelf. You can use less of the substance itself to get the job done, have to put in less physical work to witness real results, and most importantly for any business you’ll save money as a result of the accumulative benefits we’ve mentioned here.

Industrial Cleaning Products with Specialist Advice

We all have to clean, that’s a fact. When it comes to business having the inside knowledge and assistance in some of the worst cleaning scenarios can make a difference to not only your pocket, but the maintenance of your machines and the morale of your staff. APT Chemicals has experience in developing products that actually do what they say they will – we work hard to ensure that our products are up to scratch so you don’t have to rely on supermarket cleaning products that cost more money and could potentially damage your working environment. 

Call APT-ICC on 01495 308048 today for free consultancy advice for any new or existing project.  

We are also offering 25% off your first order of our specialised  Power Max 20 safe concentrated industrial cleaner and degreaser.

4 Reasons You should be Using Ultrasonic Cleaning

4 Reasons You should be Using Ultrasonic Cleaning

We’re always keen to bang on about our green beliefs and credentials at APT. If there is a way of doing something better, smarter and cleaner we’re all for it. Our cleaning chemicals have all been developed with the customer in mind, using the highest quality products balanced with cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness. Why would you not be interested in continually improving your methods?

Ultrasonic cleaning has long been recognised as an effective and environmentally sound way of cleaning and here are four reasons why you should be using it.

  1. 1.       Ultrasonic and Ultra Friendly to the Environment

Ultrasonic cleaning fluids utilise some of the more effective ecological ingredients and alternatives to what you would find in more conventional industrial cleaning solvents. Not only will you be using cleaning solutions which are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and offer employees who are handling them a safer environment in which to work.

  1. 2.       Ultrafast Cleaning Times

If you are using conventional industrial cleaning solvents you might find that the period of time it takes to be completely effective could be quite lengthy. An ultrasonic cleaning cycle should only take around ten minutes to complete, depending on the type and size of area you are cleaning. Despite the shorter than average length of cleaning time and ultrasonic clean provides consistently high quality results.

  1. 3.       Ultra efficient in Cleaning all Areas

Ultrasonic cleaning methods are ideal for the hard to reach and delicate areas that require a deep clean. Microscopic bubbles created by the ultrasonic will reach into the most hard to find areas and penetrate deep into every surface, corner and hard to clean areas. It does so with ease and in sensitive sectors such as health and medicine it can be fantastic to guarantee the deepest clean of medical instruments that require it without becoming damaged in the process.

  1. 4.       Ultra Flexible to All Industries

The nature of ultrasonic cleaning methods and fluids ensures that it is easily transferable to many different industries. Whether you require deep cleaning in a medical setting, as discussed, an industrial or engineering environment, or to clean fine and delicate jewellery and small mechanical parts ultrasonic cleaning is fast, efficient and flexible.

We’re sure you’re now completely convinced about ultrasonic cleaning. Why not take a look at the section on our online store where you can find a wide selection of industrial ultrasonic cleaning fluids. All of our products have been highly tested and developed to meet strict legal requirements and specifications.

Our expert team are here to offer advice and guidance, so no matter your industry or specific cleaning requirements we’ll have the right cleaning solution for you.

Benefits of Solvent Cleaners

Benefits of Solvent Cleaners

Solvent cleaners allow you to clean surfaces and materials without altering the chemical state of what they are cleaning. They can dissolve and remove dirt particles even in the most soiled and dirty scenarios and it is with that in mind that you should consider which solvent cleaner is the right choice for your industry and specific situation.

Cleaning can be hard work, time consuming and cost too much money if not performed correctly. Solvent cleaners are designed to aid the cleaning process using highly developed and quality products to ensure that you are left with a clean and safe surface without working too hard to get there and without cutting corners.

But what are the benefits of solvent cleaners compared with the old fashioned way of cleaning a surface?

Keeps a Surface Clear and Clean for Longer

If you are attempting to clean a surface with a hard cleaner without using a solvent cleaning fluid you might not end up with the effectiveness you desire. Without a solvent assisting the cleaning process a surface can remain streaky and stubborn in its resistance to being cleaned. Soil and dirt particles will be initially wiped away but will naturally fall back into place on the surface as you move on to the next section, leaving a streaky appearance. Solvent based cleaners are great for polishing floors, cleaning windows and for hard surfaces.

Disinfect the Area for a Safer Environment

If using a solvent in conjunction with a disinfectant product you will help clean the very far reaches of the surface or area you are attempting to clean. The whole aim of a disinfectant is to ensure that 99.99% (and not the oft advertised 99.9%) of potentially harmful bacteria is removed from the surfaces you are cleaning. With solvent cleaners you can ensure a more effective decrease in bacteria numbers.

Effective from First Drop to Last

We all desire a stable cleaning product, something that is as effective at the bottom of a bottle as it was when we first opened and used it. With solvent based cleaners this is a guarantee. Solvents are less likely to become separated and volatile when being moved, whether from a large shipment delivery, or from the APT shelves to your home or place of work. This ensures a high level of effectiveness for a long period of time, with no disruption.

Efficient Cleaning on All Surfaces and Appliances

The effectiveness of solvent cleaning is a modern miracle that we all take for granted now. By improving the efficiency of our cleaning we are also ensuring cleaner and safer working and home environments without breaking our backs for hours on end, scrubbing away at floors and surfaces without the full desired effect.

If you would like to discuss your cleaning solutions with an experienced member of our team we are more than happy to help. We have developed a wide range of solvent cleaners for myriad industries and scenarios. They are safe to use and environmentally friendly, and whether your industry involves heavy machinery, grease and oil, or food production and natural oils, we will have the right solvent cleaner for your particular and specific requirements. 

The Top 4 Benefits of Purchasing Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

The Top 4 Benefits of Purchasing Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

There is often be a big debate in any industry about whether it is better to buy wholesale, off the shelf in a smaller shop or through a specialist company. In terms of our own industry things are no different and we’d like to put our thoughts across about the decision to buy either industrial cleaning chemicals or on the shelf janitorial products.

Here are four reasons why you’d be better off heading directly to APT Chemicals to purchase your cleaning products.

1.       Product Knowledge & Advice

This is probably the biggest reason you should buy commercial and industrial cleaning chemicals as opposed to on the shelf products. With APT chemicals we have years of experience in myriad cleaning products, their strengths and the best way to use each individually. No matter what situation you find yourself in, we’ve probably seen it and dealt with it at some point. And no doubt you’ll find the perfect cleaning solution to your question in our online store. It also means that you have the knowledge that we trust in the product and its effectiveness, something that cannot be overstated. Should you have any questions for our team, we’re also always happy to answer any questions, offer guidance and advice on specific products.

2.       Cost Effectiveness

We know that you can walk into any store and find a cleaning product for a relatively cheap price. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives but there comes a time when you want a certain level of guarantee with your spending. Purchasing industrial and commercial cleaning chemicals directly through APT ensures that you’re buying a product that will work. We have a range of specific products and our knowledge and advice will have helped you choose the correct product. Add that to the quality of the product itself and you’ll have purchased cleaning chemicals that are proven to be effective and will therefore last you a lot longer than an on the shelf product. The inexpensive product might have to be used a number of times before having the desired impact and you’ll probably have to buy it more frequently over time.

3.       Fast Turnaround of Products When You Need it Most

Sometimes a big cleaning task comes along that you just weren’t expecting. If you need to be quick and effective it can be too easy to just go to the local retailers and pick up some cleaning chemicals off the shelf. As discussed in the previous point, this could well be folly for your long term finances. Purchasing commercial and industrial cleaning products through APT guarantees you one thing if nothing else, we’ll definitely have the right product for your situation. What this means is that you’ll be able to find what you need straight away through our online store. If you go to a local shop they might have a general, wishy-washy cleaning product but this might not cut it for your urgent task at hand. Our anti-graffiti and graffiti removal products are a prime example of this. Why waste your time and energy buying a general product that won’t 100% perform the task you’re asking of it.

4.       High Quality Products

Why would you waste your money on a substandard product?

We could leave it just at that really couldn’t we? APT Chemicals has the experience of the industry to understand and appreciate what you need. Our products are only of the highest quality as we don’t see any point in selling products that might not be up to scratch. We have also developed a range of products that cater for a wide array of different circumstances and cleaning solutions. Your job isn’t a straightforward one sometimes and we understand that you might need a specialist cleaning chemical.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about assisting you in finding the cleaning solutions for you, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help.