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Antibacterial Soap

From £46.86

Alcohol Wipes

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Barrier Cream

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Hand Gel Sanitiser

What comes to mind when you think of antibacterial soap? Handy pocket-sized bottles or bulk supplies of liquid soap products for maximum value? Either way, we've got everything you need to clean up after dirty industrial tasks.
Antibacterial soap for the toughest environments
Our antibacterial liquid hand soap meets the demands of hygiene in the food industry, hospitals and other environments where hygiene is essential. Partnership with us means more than just buying some antibacterial liquid hand soap off the shelf. Drawing on decades of experience we develop products to save you time and money while giving great performance.
Saving you time and money
How do we do it? Multi-use liquid soap is one way. Why should you have to order several products when one item does several jobs – like our Steri-wash hospital grade sanitiser and hard surface cleaner. Then there are dilutable concentrated liquids that avoid the cost of shipping water. Do all liquid soap suppliers offer this? We’re sure you’ll love how far concentrated product can go.
Finally, there’s our trademark customer support. Add it to a great liquid soap range and technical backup for the perfect cleaning partnership. Make no mistake – you and APT antibacterial soap make a great team against germs in the toughest environments.